A tale of broken families

This story is about a girl called Faith and a boy called Finn and they have one thing in common they both come from broken families they meet at school one day and Faith is the new girl, They are both put together in a class project and then they stumble on the conversation of family neither of them what to talk about family, Finn being the more confident one he tells the story of his mum and then Faith realises they have a bond and she tells the story of her dad...


1. Faith's Family

In the year 1990 there was a man and a woman that lived in London they grew up together and they were called Harlow Blanche and Terry Lawson they weren't the best of friends in school but when they went to secondary school they were inseparable nobody could break them they were in love. When they went to college they decided to rent a little apartment together and get a job, Harlow was an part time author for a small book company and Terry was a Fitness instructor, they were doing well they were on the right side of life they never argued about anything well maybe what was on telly but nothing, Then this story takes a turn for the worst Terry and his friends were out and they went into a casino for fun to win something maybe and he lost all his money for rent so Harlow wasn't very happy she was sad that she and her love were kicked out just for his fun. They never saw each other again...


Harlow is my mother i'm her second child of 4 my older sister is called Primrose she is 14 going on 18, She wants nothing to do with us anymore since she got into boys and love not to mention the drinking and smoking too. I'm Faith Blanche I'm 11 telling the story I am always going to be there for my mum any time I get money of my charity work I do for endangered animals it doesn't go into my money box it goes into my mums purse so she can get food for us we live in a small apartment only meant for 2 but 5 of us. My two little sisters are called Phoebe, 6 and Freya, 4. They mean the world to me I would hate it for them to go into care because of my meaningless dad, Yes Terry is my dad and he is long gone.

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