Fatal. ( Justin Bieber )

One Night.
One Party.
One mistake, she made.
One mistake, he made.
But, will they regret it?


3. Chapter 2 My Place

Bella's P.O.V :

"Ow!" I yelped, as I got in the car

I was in 'awe' . I just witnessed a murder with my own two eyes. The red haired guy on the floor, lifeless. As for the blonde, he was smoking a cigarette with his elbow on the arm rest.

"Where the hell are you taking me??" No answer.

"Hello! Are you deaf or some shit?!?" I waved my hand in front of his face

"Hello??! If you don't answer I'm calling the cops" He snapped his head towards me, releasing a perfect ring of smoke

"My Place" Was all he said, grabbing a pair of black tinted glasses from the dashboard

"Why?" I asked.

"Why what?"

"Why did you murder that guy back there?, are you gonna kill me now?" Damn. It had to come out.

"Only if you keep asking pointless questions" He once again, released a cloud of smoke

"Where are you taking me?" Shit. I don't give a fuck if these questions are annoying him! Wait.. Didn't he say His place? Great in going to a murders house! Great thing to tell my grand children! Only if I SURVIVE!!!!

"So fucking impatient" He said, through his clenched teeth

"Get out the car" He stopped at a somewhat .... nice house?

"Open the door for me"

"Are you shitting me? I'm not opening the door, you have hands! Use them!" And to think he's a gentlemen.

"Ok kidnapper" I emphasized the word 'kidnapper'

"Just call me Justin" He stepped out of the car, not even worrying about me

"Dick face" I mumbled

Justin's P.O.V

Fucking trouble!

This bitch, just caught me murdering that asshole Brandon! And now I don't know what to do with her!

I mean I just can't let her go, what if she just busts me out to the cops, or worse, the FBI?!?!

I'm Justin Bieber, I'm wanted ALL around Stratford. This is my town you're living in.

"Did you get the job done?" Anthony, the 2nd leader of the Stratford gang 'The Vipers' asked me. And of course I was the leader.

"Yeah, but we got some trouble" I referred to Bella.

"Who's she?" Dylan, another member of the gang asked

"She saw me kill the son if a bitch" I said coldly

"Shit..." Anthony ran his fingers through his hair

"Fuck! What are we gonna do about her?!" Cole, once again another member

All the members are, including me, Anthony, Cole, Dylan, Marquis, & Scrappy

"Yeah, Justin what are you gonna do about me?" Bella asked, raising her eyebrows

"I don't know, spent the night?" Dylan Suggested

"In this murderous house of yours?, no I don't think so" Bella, smiled a sarcastic smile

"Only choice you have, sweetheart" Cole, winked

"Well, what about.. you know.." I trailed off talking to the other guys

"Complicated shit, now go upstairs and show Bella her room" Anthony smirked

"Fuck You" I spat

"Kay" Imma beat the shit out of Anthony

"Now show lovely Bella her room!" Cole shouted

Let hell, start!

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