Fatal. ( Justin Bieber )

One Night.
One Party.
One mistake, she made.
One mistake, he made.
But, will they regret it?


2. Chaper 1 The Vipers

Bella's P.O.V :

I have nothing to do on this boring ol' Saturday night. I'm just on my bed staring at my white ceiling. Well, currently my Saturday nights are usually boring.

I don't have a boyfriend, and hardly any friends to hang out with.

I'm not that type of girl who is 'Popular' or 'Beautiful'.

I'm fat, and ugly.

Ring... Ring... Ring...

"Hey Bella!" My bestfriend, Cassandra said from the other line

"Hey Cassy! What cha doing?"

"Well, that's why I called you!" Oh no.

"So what do you have in mind?"

"I was thinking... Club rush?" Oh hell.

"Nope, not going!" I was about to hang up when someone knocked on my room window


She was all dolled up, her hair in loose curls, a tight ass red dress, and high black heels with makeup done to perfection.

"Come on Bella! You could look like this if you just let me in!" She was now banging on the window.

Ugh fine.

"Thank you" She sarcastically smiled

"Don't mention it" I smiled back

"Umm.. Cassy? Are you sure about my dress? It looks short" Like really really short

"Duh! That's why we're going to the club! Cause all the girls there have short dresses" Oh well.

"Okay, but just this one night" I swear I couldn't move my legs I'm this tight dress of hers!

After I was done putting my makeup on, we headed out to Club Rush.

"Come on girrrrrlllll" Some drunky asked me to

dance on the dance floor with him.

"Fuck no!" I slapped him in the face

"Owww biiitcchhhh whyyyy yoouuu doooo thahhtttt foooorrr??!"

Hahah drunk ass won't remember shit in the morning!

"AHHHHHHHHH" I heard a piercing scream


I ran out as fast I could.

"Give me the money, or she dies!" A red haired, Middle aged guy was holding Cassandra at gun point.

I was just kneeling down behind a bush

"Sorry, Brandon but you don't get shit!" A cute, dirty blonde, leather jacket, and black drop crouch pants was holding a gun

"No Cass!!!!!" I screamed.

Oh fuck.

The blonde shot the red haired guy, and Cassy just running off.

I got grabbed by my wrists into... a chrome car?

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