The escape to London

Jessica walked past the small pond she came across every day, inhaling the familiar scent of rain on the grass.
The water was more beautiful than usual, the reflection of the autumn leaves glistened. An occasinal breeze scattered the leaves into the water and blurred the reflections for a few seconds. But soon everything would change...


1. Jessica's escape to paradise

Jessica walked past the small pond she came across every day, inhaling the familiar scent of rain on the grass.

The water was more beautiful than usual, the reflection of the autumn leaves glistened. An occasinal breeze scattered the leaves into the water and blurred the reflections for a few seconds.

Eleanor braved the cold wind that nipped her nose as she walked down the rocky path, the sun was about to set, dipping everything into a light orange hue.

She paused for a minute, taking in the beauty of her surroundings, and enjoying the peacefull bliss.. It was one of the few things she considered herself good at, seeing the intellectual, spiritual side of reality. If that counts as an ability. It was a gift, intelligence..They say intelligent girls are the most depressed because they understand the most, and see the world from every point of view.. unfortunately Jessica James was not an exception. She saw beauty in everything but herself, she was different from the others, very different, but she rarely showed it. She was known as the girl who could make anyone smile, apart from herself.. She was there for everyone, but at the end of the day, who was there for her?

Her inner peace was dissrupted by a dog barking in the distance..

She sighed as she brushed her dark hair behind her ear with her small angelic hands, realizing this may be the last time she felt this way.. this may be the last time she felt unwanted and unhappy.. For today was her last day in her small home town in Spain.

Chocies. We all have to make them, some are easy and be made in an instant, others take time and thought.. sometimes you can think you’ve made the right choice, when in reality you’ve made the worst decision of your life; and theres no way of changing it.. Of course Eleanor thought about this, she spent a day doing nothing but thinking, but she came to the conclusion that this was in fact the right choice for her.

She decided to head home, she stood there fumbling with her earphones for a few seconds before she managed to untangle them and put them into her ears..

„Seeing is deceiving, dreaming is believing, it’s okay not to be okay.. Sometimes it’s hard to follow your heart, tears don’t mean you're losing, everybody’s bruising, just be true to who you are..”

She hummed along to the tune smiling to herself as the inspiring lyrics filled her mind.. sometimes music was her only escape from the world, music was like her own little island she could run away to, she simply had to put her earphones in and she was already lost in the beat. Her past wasn’t all bright, she had many secrets she found neccasary to hide, in fact her largest secret was something she was forced to hide.. Unlike she’d want to share it with anyone otherwise, but the pressure of not telling anyone the truth was hard sometimes. This was her big escape though, her way out.. She swallowed the lump in her throat, she was really going to do it, she was going to move to London, and begin her new life.

the next morning-

The drive from her apartment to the airport seemed like a blur of black pavement and the bright colors of a sun rising upon the sea. She tried to control her impatience waiting for her flight to board. Only when she set foot inside the plane did the film peel of her vision, things began to take clarity once again.

Eleanor lay her head back against her seat and closed her eyes. No matter what complications she may endure, she knew this would be worth it. A chance to live in England was an experience she'd waited for, for too long to let it be ruined by anything.

The sky was a distorted shade of black with drizzles of rain cascading from the clouds when she landed in London. The moment she stepped out of of the plane she felt the difference between the country she had came from, and the unfamiliar place she had landed in. She breathed in the smell of rain smiling to herself, as she took her first look around. Realizing she had not gotten out of the plane yet, and people behind her were getting rather impatient, she scurried down the stairs which were set by the plane.

After collecting her bags, and calling a taxi, she was free to relax. Laying her head against the window she watched her surroundings. It was slightly different from Spain which had been rather dull in Autumn, not in a bad way, nature is always beautiful.. but there was hardly any color to the trees and people didn't go out of their houses too often due to the cold Autumn breeze. Looking out of the window, she felt England making a deep impact on her. It seemed so much greener, even though it was raining, everything seemed bright. The atmosphere was extremely different. Eleanor drew on the steamed window with her fingers, as she thought to herself.. she could get used to this.. She liked England, it wasn't like any other country she'd ever been to.

She was thrilled by the fact that she was now independent. Back at home she never had the chance, anything outside of their comfort zone terrified her parents or most any member of her family. They like she safe and known. The prospect if having their only daughter so far away was on the top of their list of biggest fears. They couldn't reach her quickly or shield her from danger. So, imagine their reaction to her dream of an adventure across the ocean. Somehow she managed to persuade them, after plenty of begging of course.

After sitting in the taxi for several hours, the driver pulled up letting Eleanor know this was her stop, she smiled sweetly paying him as she hopped out of the car. She was standing in front of an obviously new condo complex. The buildings structures were square and modernly designed. From what she could see through the drizzle, the landscape was freshly planted. My uncle had found me an apartment and it was a pleasant surprise finding out where she'd be living.

As she stepped out of the sheltered stop, rain pounded down on her open umbrella, the drizzle had obviously heightened in the last few minutes. She rushed over to the sidewalk in haste, desperate to be under cover. Straightening her coat out she walked into the lobby, the heater and decorations threatened to overwhelm her, her gratitude for her uncle growing by the minute.

She noticed a group of boys staring at her, she looked down uncomfortably before walking towards the reception, asking to talk to the landlord. After a brief conversation and signing a few papers she found herself in the doorway of her apartment.

The hallway was dimly lit and virtually silent. She slipped out of her shoes and walked inside, closing the door after her, pulling her suitcase indoors with her. The moment she closed the door, ready to start looking around she heard a loud knock. That's odd, she thought to herself.. She had not been living here for more than 5 seconds and someone was already knocking on her door. She sighed slightly, doing her best to ignore whoever at the door was, she headed to the bedroom ready to unpack as she heard a second knock. The situation was unavoidable, she rolled her eyes and walked towards the door to open it.

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