The Frat

After joining a wild sorority ,Charlotte thinks she has finally found where she was meant to be. College. Alcohol, frat parties and sex? What more could a girl want? Is living the party lifestyle really all that it's cut out to be?



4. Asshole

    “You looked like you had fun.” Jackie giggled as she typed on her computer.  “Is it that obvious?” I teased, flipping my hair over my shoulder. I sat down on my bed, shifting uncomfortably.  School starts in a week. Why am I wasting valuable free time sitting in bed doing nothing?

    “Heeeey Jack? Can I call you Jack? Anyways, let’s go do something.” I said. I bounced across my bed, to her side of the room, and placed my head on her leg. “Pleeeeeeeease?” I batted my eyelashes.  “We can walk around campus, or go get a bite to eat, or harass the Delta Delta boys, or go sho-“ She placed her hand over my mouth. “Shut up.” I licked her hand. “Ugh! Charlotte! Gross!” a fake gagging sound escaped from Jackie’s lips. “Okay, okay, sorry,” I pulled some hand sanitizer out of my (Unfortunately) unpacked suitcase, and squirted a dab in her hand. “Seriously what do you want to do?” She laughed. “Let’s go for a walk, I’ve been sitting on my ass all day.” I shoved her. “Health nut, huh?” She shoved me back. “Why do you ask so many questions?” 

    Ten minutes Jackie was dressed and ready.  We weren't twenty steps from the front door, when I heard whistles coming from the Delta Delta house.  “Hey babe, those shorts make your ass look great, but you know what would make it look better? If those shorts were on my bedroom floor.” A familiar voice called. I turned around to find the one and only Harry Styles in his front yard with some of his brothers. They laughed and high-fived him as he took a sip of God knows what. There was an inflatable kiddie pool, a cooler, and lounge chairs set up around the yard. “Hey asshole, maybe you should get in that pool, you’re sounding thirsty.” Various “Oooo’s” escaped from the frat boys’ lips.  “Why don’t you come and quench my thirst, baby? Harry retorted as he opened his legs and gestured to his lap. 

    I grabbed Jackie’s arm. “C’mon,” I dragged her to their front yard.  “You’d like that, wouldn’t you?” I narrowed my eyes. “And you perverts would like to watch too, correct?” An amused smirk played across Harry’s face. “But you know what, babe?” I softened my voice as I walked behind the lounge chair that Harry was on. I placed my hand on his muscular shoulders, and began to move my fingers in circular motions, massaging him. My mouthed lowered to his ear. “I will never,” I whispered “Ever, ever,” my fingers dug deeper in to his shoulders with each ‘ever’. “Ever, ever,” a moan escaped from his lips. “Ever, ever, ever do what you say” 

    He yelped, as he jumped forward, his hands moving up to his shoulders and softly rubbing them. “That hurt, you bitch.” He spat. I smiled. “I was hoping so babe.” I imitated his accent. “Anybody else want to be a cocky, arrogant, asshole?” The boys shook their heads. “That’s what I thought.”

    Jackie and I walked away. “You might want to put some ice on that shitface!” Jackie scream without turning back.

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