Forgotten love

Hi my name is lexis and I'm 19 Im going to a collage in London I always want to be a singing major so I needed a fresh start but will it ........


9. what do u want

Harry what do u want . I want to talk kitten . Don't call me that . Whatever bye hector by babe I kissed him and left . So u go hook up with a guy right after me and u say Haley's a slut . Ya harry I do I don't wear a skirt were u can see my ass and high 6inch heals with a top that shows every thing so while u think about it get out babe I'm sorry cut the shit styles and leave babe I didn't do It u need to believe me why should I until u get proof I will babe that still doesn't mean I will take u back . So leave

I can't be doing this I just need a break from every body so I called hector to meet me at the foot ball field . Hi babe hey hector we have to talk about stuff um ok so I just got out of a relationship and got in one I can't handle things write no so until I get my stuff together I'm sorry but I have to break up with u oh ok lexis I understand but talents we can be friends ya defiantly hector I'm really sorry it's ok babe call me when your ready I will bye I kissed him for the last time and we left .....

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