Forgotten love

Hi my name is lexis and I'm 19 Im going to a collage in London I always want to be a singing major so I needed a fresh start but will it ........


3. the walk back

I decide to walk back to the dorm to unpack when I got pushed to the wall I didn't get your name back there beautiful I turned him around and said I didn't get yours either harry harry styles what about yours kitten lexis lexis Hotts as I mocked him I whispered in his ear bye styles while I kissed him on the cheek and left I walked int the room and layed on the bed what just happened . Devan walked in a couple minutes later hey hey hi we need I talk about I said lunch i can't believe u sat on the baddest boys lap that's not all when I left I had a little talk with styles about who I am and I kissed him on the cheek but ya there's a party tonight and your going so get dressed fine Devan what r u wearing I'm wearing red skinny jeans black studded shirt and a cut up jean jacket with black pumps cute I said I am wearing black high waisted black shorts with a crop top on it that says rebel and black studed pumps I had my hair curled with a small bump while Devan had hers up we hot now let's go it was crazy in the party we went to go get some drinks and started to dance when harry came over to me and said I didn't expect u here were else would I be while I was stile dancing with Devan this guy came up to Devan and asked to go get a drink with her so they left and I was bye my self. harry started to dance with me this means your mine. keep dreaming styles I will with u there what ever grind on me came on and that was one of my favorite songs so I had to dance I grabbed Harry and danced . Devan came up to me drunk and I decided that we should leave when I got back I couldn't believe it was all cause of a walkin the hallway.

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