Forgotten love

Hi my name is lexis and I'm 19 Im going to a collage in London I always want to be a singing major so I needed a fresh start but will it ........


8. rehearsal

So me an Devan got so many smiles and complements for r outfits when I walked in harry pulled me on hi lap same with Devan and Lou hey sexy hi styles why u wearing a dress it's dress Tuesday me Devan Brianna jalyn and lacy r wearing one I bet they don't look as hot as u oh thanks buttercup no prob kitten now give styles some sugar is I pecked him on the lips is that all u got kitten no but that's all your gonna get awe ok so ms.brown comes in and I'm still in Harry's lap and she says lexis why don't u find a seat I was gonna say something when harry said she has a seat oh does she ya she is staying to. well I'm sorry mr. Styles but only this once. Ok so class we need to think about r the play I realized that the rest of the people will be in the play so jalyn and Brianna u will play Joanna and melody and will be Jessica's and Alyssa's friend the rest of the girls will be Jenna's friend aka Lacey's so u all will meet and get to no each other so get in a group and talk about were your gonna meet ok sense Haley and Ashley quit we can have at me and devs dorm k be there at 5:00 k ok thanks bye

So I only have Spanish then lunch. So me and jake were texting about how he's gonna ask Brianna out and I told hi that's great then I asked him if Niall and lacy were dating and he said ya and told me Jalyn an zayn went on a date I guess everybody is happy . So me an j are walking to lunch when I see the worst sight Haley is sitting on Harry's lap kissing I go over there and rip her off and slap him kitten it's not what it looks like sh- save it styles I can play that way to I go over to hector the quarter back jump on his lap and kiss him I liked his lip and he let me in I got up whipped my lip walked by harry and said were done and ran to the dorm I slammed the door and cried Devan walked in and said sorry but laughed at what I did j and bri and lace came over and we were waiting for the rest well Stephanie crystal and Stacy they came about 15 minutes later and we watched a movie I got a text saying kitten she kissed me I swear sure harry right know we are done I also hot a text from hector hey what was that babe I thought u were cute so I did that and your a good kisser bye the way thanks babe u to can u meet me in the Lobby ya I'll be there . I told the girls and said ok I got into some white skinny jeans and a cropped shirt that had a smilie face on it and some black Jordan's hey babe I was greeted with a kiss hey do u want to go on a walk sure hector so I was wondering if u want to go out with me I would love to hector so um do u want to go back ya sorry but I have to leave ok I will walk u so we get back to the dorm and I see.

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