Forgotten love

Hi my name is lexis and I'm 19 Im going to a collage in London I always want to be a singing major so I needed a fresh start but will it ........


12. realizing

I was cleaning harry up and I wasn't thinking about anything except his angel face then he said I'm sorry lexis I didn't mean any of she kissed me first harry I know it just took me along time to realize what happens I'm sorry i don't deserve u lexis don't say that I should be saying that n- and he smashed his lips into mine it was a passionate and the spark was still there I love u lexis I love u to harry we went in the living room and I fell asleep on his chest I woke up to a Devan poking me and tell me to get up so I woke up and harry was gone harry left when I came back he said he had to Lou needed him ok so I got up and straightened my dark hair and put eye liner and mascara on to brighten my eyes

And left to class hey babe Devan said to Lou and I herd j say come here lex so I went over hey love wanna have that movie and pajama thing tonight I got all the pajamas ya sure tell the girls I will by j by lex so I go over to harry and say hi and he said hey kitten do u want to hang tonight actually me and the girls are doing a pajama movie nite tonight u and the lads are allowed to come if u want ok babe I'll tell the boys ok be in your pjs ok class in ur sections ok so we have dress rehearsal today verybody a costumes r on the rack ok so put your beach wear on and see if they fit and come on stage lace said oh great this isn't gonna be good I had a sweet heart bikini that's peach that has ruffles on the seme and regular peach bottoms like an old 50s bathing suit will the girls had a straight across strap less one with bathing suit bottoms it was cute jalyns was blue bri was red devs was green and laces was black but the boys were shirtless it was a winwin so I go and stand by harry my partner and he whispered maybe I should take u swimming a lot oh whys that styles cuz u look hot. lexis would u like to share n- i was saying she looked hot in her costume enough girls go change into your biker costumes when the boys take u on a ride ok lexis if u want to make improvements to the bathing suits please tell me ok I will get back to u . Devan these outfits r a little slutty ya Ashley and Haley picked them before they left oh that explains it all

The biker outfits were black tight shorts and a half tight pink shirt with biker boots and red lipstick with a bandana and the girls were exactly the same but red shirts we walk out and the boys were wearing black skinny jeans with white V-necks an a leather jacket and boots ok so any questions ya ms.brown these outfits are a little sluty then u here harry say there perfect and ms.brown was about to say something and said yes they r but we don't have a enough time to replace them and then all the boys were like yes and we all stared at them the they said awe that's to bad . With the biggest smiles on there face we walk off and get changed back to are close.

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