Forgotten love

Hi my name is lexis and I'm 19 Im going to a collage in London I always want to be a singing major so I needed a fresh start but will it ........


11. forgot

It's been 3 weeks since I've seen harry I miss him so much every thing about him he was perfect and I just forgot his kiss the sparks I've forgotten how are love was I need him in my life but I don't know what to believe.

So Devan made me go get lunch with her so I wore some white pumps and high waisted shorts with a cropped shirt that says hottie! And my hair curled so we walk back and j bri lace and jake all gave me hugs I was walking towards the soda machine and some one was pulling my shirt up and I pull it down and turn around and slap him it was hector babe don't be like that I'm not your babe u douche bag don't be like that u. Bitch and I felt a big hand on my face I hit the ground and felt eyes I stand up whip the tear an walk away to the table I look over there and see harry on top of hector and beating the shit out of him I go over there and pull harry off he has blood on his Shirt and a bloody nose the first thing he said to me is I'm gonna need a new shirt I giggle and pull him off and slap hector and walk out with harry .

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