Forgotten love

Hi my name is lexis and I'm 19 Im going to a collage in London I always want to be a singing major so I needed a fresh start but will it ........


2. first day

I walk into my soon to be school and go find the dorm adviser. Hi can I help u yes I need to know were my room Is name lexis Hotts very unique name mrs.hotts thank u ok it looks like I'll be on the 5floor and room 119 ok thank u so I go to the elevator and walk in to see a rather cute boy I push the 5 button and he said oh I live on the 6 floor. Ya..... Wats your name lexis ,jake well the door opened and I just walked out and said nice to meet u jake see u around you to lexis . I open my door to see a pretty blonde girl with green eyes hi I'm Devan and u are lexis I said nice to meet u Im going to the lunch room if u want to come sure let me change though ok so I change into a pear of black skinny jeans and a Paris sweaterwith all black supras and a messy pony tail we walk to the lunch room and and saw the collage sluts the , jocks , nerds , emos , and my fav bad boys o gosh don't look now but the baddest boy in school is looking Devan wear over to your left wow he's cute let's go to the pizza line Devan we have to walk write in front of him though I know that's why omg Fine . We walk bye and he slapped my butt I stopped turned around and sat on his Lap and whispered in his ear no no no u can't do that ok ok he said I said it in the most quietest way I could and I got up and said good boy he just shook his head and me and Devan walked off jake joined us in the lunch room I don't know why but he's cool we just talked about how we have this whole ahead of us!!!

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