Gap Year.

3 boys on their college gap year...Skylah on holiday with her best friend... Fiji... Sunset... Zain + Skylah... The kiss... What next... What will happen when they have to leave for home?


3. Day 2 in Paradise

I wake up sweating. One word to describe Fiji.


It's like being on the surface of the sun.


It's like being in the centre of the earth


like being dipped into a pool of lava.

Okay maybe not but it was very hot, humid and hot. I roll over and look at the time. 11:30. Wow I must have been tired. The boys are awake and have left a note saying they went to breakfast.

I chuck some clothes on and do my hair. Then bolt out the door towards the Kitchen. The Kitchen. Where was that again. When I think about it I don't know. I pick a direction and walk.

Nope. Can't find it. I decide to ask somebody so I walk up to a girl who has her back turned to me. "Excuse me do you know where the kitchen is." She turns around so I can see her face for the first time. And Wow. She's absolutely beautiful. And way out of my league.

"Umm go down there, turn left and down some steps, you'll find it from there."

"O-okay," I manage to get out. I turn and half walk half run in the direction she pointed me in. There the boys are, making toast.

"Good Afternoon," Gary says with a mouthful of toast.

" I got lost," I say.

" oh well you're here now, dig in."

I grab a piece of toast and start eating it.

I can't think straight. She was beautiful. I don't even know her name, and I think I embarrassed myself in front of her.

After breakfast we went back to the pool for a dip. The water didn't help the heat. The water was hot too.

I didn't know if I should tell Gary and Steven about her. Surely it would end up in teasing and then them coming up some plan for me to win her over. Nah. I've decided to keep it to myself.

Over the day we are either in the pool or lying on our beds. That's what relaxing a all about. Night falls and we haven't done much but that doesn't bother me. We hadn't gotten to the real holiday yet. Malolo.

We decide to call it a night and go to bed. All I can think about how I will never see that girl again. I also think about what Gary said to me the night before.

'"Hey Zain, you gonna score a girl while your here?"

I dunno, maybe I still can.

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