Gap Year.

3 boys on their college gap year...Skylah on holiday with her best friend... Fiji... Sunset... Zain + Skylah... The kiss... What next... What will happen when they have to leave for home?


2. Check In

The trip is planned out this. We stay in a Hotel on the main Island for 2 nights. Then we catch a boat ride to an island called Malolo. It's supposed to be a great island, well that's what it said on the brochure. We stay on Malolo for 6 nights then back to the airport we go. Hopefully we would have got a fun time out of it.

We get to the hotel and check in. Once we get into our room I collapse on the closest bed, claiming it. I am so tired. I couldn't get to sleep on the plane, too excited I guess.

The boys and I go down to the pool. I love the water, always have. The pools empty and nobody's around. Sweet, the place to ourselves. There are diving boards there and I climb up to the highest one. I guess some people might call me a show off. I am very athletic and I can help that I'm good at everything.

I do a double backflip into the pool.

When I come up from the dive the guys are clapping sarcastically. "What you think you do better then?" I say jokingly.

"I think my 95yr old grandmother could do better than that!" Steven says, he's laughing hard. My ears turn a shade of red.

"let's see it then, beat me then, do a better dive."

This turns into a hardcore flip competition between Steven, Gary and I. In the end Gary says I won, causing Steven to argue/moan. Gary insists that my flips were better and I agree. We all laugh. That's what it's like with us. Random arguments are started over nothing and then we laugh it off pretending it didn't happen.

We get out of the pool and go back to our room. We plan to have a chilled afternoon because were all pretty tired from the plane trip. Gary pulls out a pack of cards, thank god he brang them. We wouldn't have anything else to do otherwise.

We start out by playing. But the we got bored so we were just talking when Gary said this.

"Hey Zain, you gonna score a girl while your here," I smile. I don't have a girlfriend. But the other 2 nut-jobs sitting in front of me have managed to get one. Stevens had his girl, Chloe for 2 years now and Gary's had his, Rachel for a couple of months. And I haven't had a girlfriend for like 5 years.

Steven interrupts my thoughts by saying,

"Yeah, there's bound to be heaps of babes on holiday. I'm sure at least 1 of them would wanna hook up with you. Maybe if they were blind it would be good,"

Gary laughs because he knows that I'm the best looking guy out of the three of us. I guess I'm just waiting for the right person, it's not like I haven't had offers from other girls. I've been asked out like 50 billion times this year. Okay maybe not, more like 20-50 girls. But I've turned them down because they aren't the one I'm looking for. I mean maybe there right. Maybe this is an opportunity to find the person I've been looking for.

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