Gap Year.

3 boys on their college gap year...Skylah on holiday with her best friend... Fiji... Sunset... Zain + Skylah... The kiss... What next... What will happen when they have to leave for home?


1. Prologue

"Hey dude, wake up," I say to my mate Gary who was snoring away next to me.

"Whaa, haqapo," he says back while rubbing his eyes and sitting up slowly.

"We thought you might want to see this," says one of my other friends Steven.

Steven points out the window to a beautiful sunset. With brilliantly vivid oranges and yellows with dashes of red and purple all through it. I was if an artist had created the world greatest painting on a canvas in the sky. I was a great sunset, really. Perfect.

"Woww," says Gary. His mouth slightly open in awe at the sight in front of his eyes.

"I know right!" Steven and I say at exactly the same time, this of course send us in into laughter and a few of the people around us are staring, we must be making a commotion.

It may or may not be useful to tell you that we are in a plane heading to Fiji. The three of us, Gary Steven and Zain (That's me) are on our college gap year and we wanted to do something that we will remember for the rest of our lives. So here we are on an aeroplane heading for Fiji hoping to have the times of our lives.

The plane trips like 4 hours so we decide to settle down and get cozy since we weren't going to land for another 3 hours. I decide to watch a movie on the tiny screen in front of me. I scroll though the selection when I come across Anchorman 2 and I press play.

Steven is reading a book, he's always been the nerd in our friendship, but he's alright. He still knows how to have a good time in life. AKA Fun.

Gary is playing this new game called Candy Crush on his iPad and he is so addicted. He's stuck on level like 380 and he's been trying to do it for like a month now. He's obsessed with completing it but yeahh. It might take him a while.

Time flies past and soon the air hostess is telling us that we will be landing soon and we need to switch off our electronic devices and put on our seatbelts. Gary's telling no one in particular that he hasn't finished the level and he needs to finish.. Blah. Blah . Blah. So I go ahead and turn his iPad off for him.

I've always hated the landing part of the flight the drop at the end makes my stomach do somersaults and the jolt of the wheels hitting the ground makes be bite my cheek. But it also signals that we have landed in our destination and that makes me smile.

Once the plane has come to a stop we all stand up to grab our bags from the overhead compartments , we shuffle towards the exit.

When I take a step outside a wall of heat blasts into face and makes me stop for a second to take a breath and carry on. Who knew Fiji would be this hot.

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