First Love

This is a story about a girl named Valeria's first love, Jason. Don't hate if it's bad. Leave a comment saying what I should change and/or add. This is a story about me pretty much. Read to see all the drama and sadness along with all the love.


8. First fight

At school, Jason brought his Diary Of a Wimpy Kid do it yourself book thing or whatever. My guy friend Dakarai told me that on the page where you write what you think about alot Jason put his ex girlfriends. Of coarse this got me mad. I started trying to take the book to see if it was true. I managed to get the book around twice but right when I would find the page he would snatch the book away. If he didn't have anything to hide he should've just let me see.

Then after school, I went over to Sydney's house and asked if she could come out to the park. She couldn't because she was super busy doing chores and her mom wouldn't let her leave until she finished. I told her ok and I left. I wouldn't know how it is to have to stay inside because of chores because I didn't have any.

On my way out, I saw that Dakarai was in the neighborhood. This was odd because he lived in Hunter Ridge next to the school and I live in New Gannam around 10 to 15 minutes away. It didn't surprise though because, after all, he used to live across the street from me.

I yelled hi and he said hey. We talked for about 5 minutes and agreed to ham out at the park. I went to the park around ten minutes later and soon after, Dakarai came. We just hung out and talked. "Why are you in the neighborhood?" I asked.

"Oh, I'm here for a friend's birthday party." He said with less enthusiasm than expected.

"Cool" I simply replied.

Then we changed the subject and I asked him if he was sure about what was in the book. " yeah. I swear it's in there. " he answered. I was mad because I could tell this would happen sooner or later. Thanks to this, it was sooner. I was mad and this definitely wasn't the first time. don't know if I've mentioned this but every time I hung out with Jason, by the end of the day, I would always be mad at him for something. I wasn't gonna take it anymore. I couldn't. I loved him but it wasn't enough to save us. I wanted to break up with him. Soon. 

Then Jason came to the park. I was ready. Normally, if I had a mind to break up with him, I would ask someone to do it for me because I'm not good at being direct with people. This time I was ready though, and I went right up to him, and said it. He was shocked but he stayed at the park. Did he have to make my time outside as akward as possible? Did he stay caus' he thought I would come crawling back? Well I can't say I did but he wouldn't let himself lose me.

" okay I'll bring the book to prove it." He said begging me to take him back.

"Go ahead" I said.

He left running. When he came back he had his book with him and showed me it. I turned it over to the page. It did say ex girlfriends but none specifically. Then I keep looking and I see that my name is in there too. I felt stupid for being so mad but what's a relationship without a bit of jealousy.

"So will you take me back?" He asked.

"Of coarse" I replied as sweetly as possible.

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