Unexpected love

Kendra and her friends are just normal teenagers but on there Summer vacation will there be love and romances or is someone going to come and mess everything up READ to find out!!!


4. chapter 3

Kendra's POV

As I got up I went straight to a suitcase and started packing. I packed shorts crop tops a few t-shirts, some jeans, sweats, bras and underwear and a bathing suite. Now for the beach I packed sunblock tanning lotion towels. After I was done with that I got a smaller bag and but shampoo,conditioner,makeup,perfume,and razors to shave. After all that I was done packing then I totally forgot about my electronics so I pack all those an there chargers. Then I was finally done packing after two hours. I started to get ready I put on a crop top and faded high wasted demin shorts with some white vans.

I went down stairs and grad a apple and my bags and said goodbye and left to go pick up the other girls. I reach Madeline's house and all the girls put all there bags in the trunk and got in.

(Skip car ride)

Destiny's POV

We had 5 more minutes until we are supposed to be at the beach house and Courtney won't stop complying and kept on asking are we there yet like a little child I swear I'm about to smack her.

Ok girls we're her Kendra said. And we all cheered and got out it was now 6:33 am we are all exhausted because we felt bad kendra has to stay up at day and night driving us so we all stayed up.

One directions POV

We were all sitting in the lounge room when a range rover pulled in to the driveway next door. Look's like we have neighbors Louis screamed. Ya I guess so we should go say hi tomorrow. Wait guys we don't Evan know who's in that car they haven't came out yet. Then 5 girls all walked to the back od there car got there bags then went in to the house. Yes I defiantly think we should go say hi tomorrow Niall said. And all the guys just smirk at him.

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