❤️Complicated Love❤️

When an 18 year old girl named Jada moves to London for a year with her two other friends Emma and Sofia. They move there to get away from all the drama but when Jada's ex boyfriend Brian follows her everything goes downhill. She also meets a guys that she might be in love with.


1. Oh no... it him (Chapter one)

Jada's P.O.V:

"Come on babe I said sorry... Take me back please" he pleaded

"Just leave me alone Br-" he did it he kissed me I couldn't pull away he had pushed me into a alley wall I tried I escape but he overpower me I tried to scream *SLAP* I quick tried to put my hand up to my face but he grabbed my wrist and pounded it against the wall all of a sudden I heard a deep strong powerful voice

"LET HER GO" he hissed, I could feel him let go I could finally see the mystery man he had dark brown full hair hazel eyes long eyelashes

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