Cupid's Frosted Love

The only thing Cupid has ever known she has to do is spread love for others to recieve.But when she gets taken by the Guardians she's surprised when soon,she's the one receiving it.But by who?None other than Jack Frost.But there's a reason the Guardians took her,and his name is Pitch.He ruins everything,taking Cupid with him on an encounter with the Guardians.


2. Run

Cupid's P.O.V.

It's been 300 years since I first woke up,and let's just say they were pretty fun but lonely.

Right now I was watching these cute pair of friends.

A girl and a boy.

The girl had asked the boy to meet her at Burgess' most beautiful park.

"Um Ryder?Can I tell you something?"The girl asked looking down.

"Sure Bree.I'm here to listen." Ryder smiled at her.

"Well you see,I have this uh...well...c-crush on you and...I just thought you'd want to know." Bree whispered the last part.

"Listen,Bree.I really don't-" Ryder was cut off by me setting my arrow and shooting it at his back.

"Bull's Eyes." I whispered as I watched the arrow hit him exactly where his heart was,disappearing into a silver sand and sinking into his heart.

"Have any other feelings than the ones like yours." Ryder changed his words and smiled at her before pulling her in and kissing her.

I smiled sadly,wishing I had love,before flying back to my place,which was where I woke up.

I landed at the clearing and slung my arrow on my back before falling back onto the snow.

I gave an oof as I sunk a bit in the snow.

"Lucky mortals." I mumbled,before sitting up.

"Ello there,lassie." An australian accent rang through the air turning my instinct on making me grab my bow and an arrow,setting it and firing all in half a second.

Just so you know when I'm not shooting love arrows my bow and arrows turn into highly advanced hunting gear and really help in defense like right now,but as always a new one appears after one is used.

I looked up at the 6'0 rabbit staring down at my 5'25 height and a small golden sand person.

He held my arrow a few inches from impaling his shoulder,but there is something magical about my arrows,they stay on there line of target until you snap them in half,but shush,no one knows except me.

I smiled,amused,as I watched the bunny struggle to keep the sharp weapon from hurting him.

I sighed and took it from him,holding it back with ease as I set it back in my arrow pouch.(Yay,extra arrow makes 7.)

"Why are you here?This is known as Cupid's Clearing.Obvious property of Cupid Heart,me." I stated as I slung my bow on me.

"Perfect." Was all he said before I was swung up by my arms.

I looked at him with an amused smirk on my face.

I flew upwards,which was hard considering I just found out they were 6'25 Yeti's,and did a black flip successfully twisting out of their grip.

I crossed my arms and smirked at the bunny from the air.

"Gotta try better than that,Rabbit." I smirked before flying away.

Before I could leave the clearing I ran into a peacock-looking fairy and a man in a sleigh with reindeer.

"Sorry sweetie but you gotta come with us." The fairy smiled holding her hand out to me.

I smirked before shooting down and landing on my feet and bolting off.

As I ran I noticed a slightly cold breeze suddenly came as I noticed a white and blue blur followed next to me.

I stopped and pretend to trip,as I rolled I took my arrow and set it as I slowly slowed down.

I pointed the set arrow up at the person in front of me,he had Silver hair,ice blue eyes and extremely pale skin like mine, he was holding a staff.

Which was pointed at me.

I smirked before adjusting my arrow and shooting just barely above his shoulder,making his reaction to duck.

I took the oppurtunity and bolted off.

2 hours later

I was still running not feeling the least bit tired.

I was about to put on a new burst of speed when something black darted in front of me.

I jerked to a stop landing on my butt.

My eyes widened as I realized what it was as it walked towards me.

It was a Nightmare.

I screamed as it charged at me.

Snapping out of my 'frozen with fear' state and reaching for my bow only to be too late.

It jumped to me,flooding my mind with nightmares.

As soon as it had happened I was swooped up by cold arms,bridal style,and taken into the air.

My screams rang through the air as I slowly lost consciousness into never ending nightmares.

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