Cupid's Frosted Love

The only thing Cupid has ever known she has to do is spread love for others to recieve.But when she gets taken by the Guardians she's surprised when soon,she's the one receiving it.But by who?None other than Jack Frost.But there's a reason the Guardians took her,and his name is Pitch.He ruins everything,taking Cupid with him on an encounter with the Guardians.


1. Cupid Heart(Human name:Cupid Aero)

Cupid's P.O.V.

I woke up in a small,old,rickety room that had small piles of snow in it,me lying in the biggest pile.

There was a hole in the ceiling right above me with the moon in clear veiw,basking me in its light as it spoke.

Your name is Cupid Heart,You are the Spirit and Guardian of Love.

Was all the moon said,when he finished I looked around the moon.

There was a large,antique body mirror across the room from me,it looked in mid condition not to old not too new.

I walked over to it and looked at myself,gasping at the image.

I had silvery red hair fading to a silvery pink to silver,I had a petite and slender form.

My eyes were a pale silvery pink color with a pale silvery ice blue around the pupil.

My skin was flat out pale as winter snow.

I was wearing a pale pink hoodie with little silver red hearts at the tips.

My pants were a pale silver color with the same tips as my hoodie.

My feet were bare,no shoes what so ever.

But the thing that stood out to me the most was this necklace.

It had a silvery red satin cloth as the chain and a pale silvery pink crystal heart.

I reached up and wrapped a petite hand around the crystal and held it there for a while.

It glowed in my palm before a slender silver bow appeared in my left hand and a case of 6 pale pink arrows strapped to my back.

I gasped and looked at them more closely.

The bow had beautiful engravings of hearts and in the center of it 

Cupid Heart's Bow

 Took one of the arrows and took a look at it as well.

It had the same engravings as my bow and instead of 'Bow' it said 'Arrow'.

I set the arrow in the bow and shot it to the wall.

It struck it perfectly before turning into silver sand and painting itself to the wall to make an arrow's target.

I smiled and checked my arrows.

A perfect six.

I took another arrow and shot,hitting a perfect bulls eye.

I practiced a bit more before I finally ventured outside.

It was practically a Winter Wonderland.

I laughed before stopping,it sounded sweet and melodious.

I grinned before prancing around in the snow laughing some more.

A while later I lay on the snow laughing softly gazing at the moon.

After prancing around so much and not getting tired I felt like I could fly.

I jumped up to my feet and twirled laughing louder.

I jumped up and was surprise when I didn't come back down.

I slowly floated higher,losing control and flipping upside down.

I giggled and smiled before trying to gain control.

Once I did I practiced flying and actually got pretty good at it.

I gazed down from my position in the air and saw a handful of lights all bunched together.

I laughed out in excitement and flew towards it.

I had a slight rough landing but regained my balance.

I walked to the first person which was a women holding a child's hand.

"Hello,can you tell me where I am?I'm lost." I asked her almost stopping at my own voice.

It was like my laugh but more sweeter.

I almost giggled until I noticed she ignored me.

I frowned and tried a different person.

I tried a girl who looked a bit older than me,this time I stood in front of her.

"Um excuse me,but I'm-" I was cut off by her walking straight through me.

I stumbled back and landed on my butt.

I tried another person doing the same thing but stumbled back getting the same result.

But this time when I stumbled I tripped over a log and landed beside a fire.

I stood up stumbling a bit before flying back to where I woke up.

My landing was extremely rough considering I had tears flowing through my eyes.

I sat up pulling my knees to me and wrapped my arms around them,sobbing into my knees.

Why did they go through me?Why did they ignore me?

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