Diagnosed </3

This is about a 17 yearold girl named Olivia.She was diagnosed with cancer when she was 13 and then was cured at 15.She is now cancef free and livivng each day of her life to the fullest. One day she meets a charming boy,Harry Stlyes,and he changes her life.But Olivia gets sick...reallt sick and ends up in the hospitla.Did the cure ,medicines only cure her for two years or is she just a really bad sick and will get better soon? Will she be Diagnosed again?? (One Direction famous)


4. kiss

So where to?I asked.

Well my mom's out of town so you wanna go to my plave,Pedro said.

Uh..sure but I need you to take me home first I have to change out of this clothes.

Okay adress Liv?

Oh yea right um..4721 raymen park (made it up hehe).Pedro drove to my house and I ran inside it to get dressed.I decided to wear loose clothing so I put one some grey sweats that were tight around my ankle and and my batman t-shirt. I put some batman socks,my fav ones and got my beanie.It was green.I got my phone charger and left out the house.I got back in the car and Pedro drove to his house.

I don't understand why girls wear such tight clothes.

Well because its the fashion duh you  dumbass I told  Pedro.He pointed the finger at me.

Uh-no thanks Pedro I'm still a virgin.

I didn't wanna know that,he said..

You're still a virgin too right?


have you done it!]


Then you're a virgin,gosh you're so stupid.

We arrived at his house and it was huge,

What are you like rich?

Haha no were average,you're rich.

What no I'm not now I want food.

Fine calm down.I followed Pedro to the kitchen and it was huge.

Bro you're like rich.

Did you just call me bro?

Yea bro got a problem bro,haha.

Hahaha you're dumb.


Pedro's POV

Liv kepy calling me bro.I really like her.I know its only been a day but she's funny,beautiful,and I feel like I've known her and I trust her for some unknown reason.

Mind if I put some music,she asked.

No not at all.She nodded and played some music on her phone.

*Liv starts singing Happily*

Liv put on some song and dancing all crazy.She was funny and didn't know how to sing,yet she sang wonderfully for someone who can't sing....if that even makes sense.*its 4am and i know that you're with him i wonder if he knows that i touched your skin and if he feels my traces in your hair I'm sorry LOVE but I don't really care*Olivi sang and sang louder when she said love.I chuckled at her.She stopped.Pedro?Pedro? PEDRO!

Oh huh what sorry lost in thought,I chuckled what?

I well...I'm hungry can i have food,she asked nervously.I laughed and went to get her something.I got her some cookies.What you want to drink?

Uhh...what do you have?

coke,O.J. milk and water oh and gatorade.

Umm...Cookies and MILK

Okay calm yo tits woman.

Calm my what??
Nevermind.I said.Gosh I'm so stupid I always say stupid things. Ugh I'm such a moron I saiad outloud.

You're not a moron,Olivia said and walked towards me.I think you're very sweet,smart,and....funny. she smiled.I felt my cheeks turn a bit red.

And you know what else she said right in front of my face.Our lips were nearly touching.

You're also very cute She said and at that I smashed my lips into hers.She kissed back.it was sweet and slow.She pulled away and smiled at me.Her fingers moved up to her lips and I watched as she felt where my lips were a few seconds ago.''T-that was my first-''she trailed off.''your first kiss?''She nodded.''mine too I weakly smiled''She smiled back and then her phone rang.She asnwered it.''Yea...okay...I'll be there as soon as possible...yes mum,What? no mum,haha okay mum,bye I'm leaving now okay tell daddy I said hi and love y'all both...muah bye.''

''Mum?'' How britsih people say mom. ''but you aren't british,'' ''So,who cares.''I chuckled,so Olivia about the kiss?''

''I do't know,but I i'll tell you at school I have to go home.''Okay bye liv see you tomorrow I said and hugged her.


Olivia's POV

He kissed me.I need to tell Lotts like Oh my glob he kissed me.My first kiss.Do I like him? Like I think i do its just love is complicated.That's why I rather stick to being in Love with One Direction and 5SOS.




so hope ya'll like it and her concert isn't for a months but ima make it sooner probably in the secodn new chapter cuz 1D has an important role and they haven't even been in the story so yea thanks for the views. xx

-Larry'sBaee xX



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