Diagnosed </3

This is about a 17 yearold girl named Olivia.She was diagnosed with cancer when she was 13 and then was cured at 15.She is now cancef free and livivng each day of her life to the fullest. One day she meets a charming boy,Harry Stlyes,and he changes her life.But Olivia gets sick...reallt sick and ends up in the hospitla.Did the cure ,medicines only cure her for two years or is she just a really bad sick and will get better soon? Will she be Diagnosed again?? (One Direction famous)


3. forgivness?

Charlotte I guess I forgive you,but tthat doesn't mean I trust you.You lost it over something stupid and you'll have to earn it.thn Pedro came wth our food.He handed me my soda,burger and large fries(im a fatass) and handed Charlotte her medum fries.diet cooke >.< and chicken snadwich.

Will I earn your trust back if I gave you some food?Charlotte asked.

Oh my glob! Hell yes I said and took some of her fries and pulled a peie of her snadwich.

Woah.Calm down hoe I said SOME not all of my food she laughed.

You want it I said handing her a frie i bite.

No thank you bitch she said and bit into her sandwich.

So you two made up and Olivia here is a fatass what else do I need to know,Pedro said.

Well one that my friends don't call me a fatass that's only for special friends and I like someone I said.

Ohh okay and I'm one of your ''special'' friends and who you like Pedro said.

I'll tell Lotts,but not you cause it's a secret.Hey lets rate eachother!

Okay me first,Charlotte ssaid.

I give Liv a 9.8 Pedro he's a 9 and me Im a 6.

Dumbass I mumbled.well I give BMFS (broke my fucking scale) and pedro ehh he's not ugly so he'll get a 10.

Okay Lotts you are a 8 and Liv you are a 9.

Uh how dare you give me a nine when I gave you a 10 I said.

Fine Liv you get what you gave lotts a bmfs.

Oh why thank you for that deserving rate I said.Now give me my phone.

Fine he handed us our phone.

Pedro what's your number?


Okay thnks ima send you a message so you have my number.

i typed some random letters and emojis and pressed send.

thanks for the hearts he winked.

Huh?Oh sorry randomness I laughed.

Okay well lets get going don't wanna be late Lotts said and we drove to school.

We got to school and I went art class.It was boring all we did was decorate our folders so I asked to go to the nurse and roamed the halls.I saw Pedro and walked up to him.

Hey I waved.

Hi what you doing here?

Boring class what about you?

Skipped wanna skip the rest of the day?

Ehh...sure I'll text my sister and have her bring my backpack.


Oh yea my sister is Louise she's in ninth grade,but she's younger than me,she's just BriLiam.

Pedro did anyone ever tell you you look like Zayn?

Who the fuck is Zayn?

He's from One Direction and he's my fav the cutest and then its Liam.He''s 11 inches.I winked.

whats 11 inches.

Liam's penis.

Eww how do you know that?

I have my ways I gigled.

Well I'm 7 he smirked and winked.

Ehh...Zayn's nine I said as we walked out of school.



How yall like it thanks for the 51 views 75 for the next chapter and my friend told me Liam is 11 inches now not 10 i repaet ELEVEN 11 (;


Larry's Baee xx

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