Trust Issues

Kay knew from the moment she started liking Harry, it would be a problem. She just knew it. As the weeks go by, things start to shake as she feels and loves.....but struggles to trust.


1. The New Girl

(Kay's P.O.V.)

I squint and place my left hand above my forehead as I step out of the car and into the afternoon sun. Me and my parents, Lisa and Bryan,had just arrived at our new house. My parents claim it's their dream house and that we won't move anymore,but I think that this is just another short term stop in our world wide traveling band. We have been to so many places that I find it really hard to believe that they chose Austin, Texas this time. Eh, I never know with my parents.

I close the car door and wander to the trunk to get my things. I grab my bags and carry them into the house. I drop them gently on the floor as I look around, admiring the tall ceiling and the huge living room. I walk to the kitchen and there are about a thousand wooden cabinets. I am so out of it that I don't hear my mom calling my name. "Kay dear, did you hear what I said?' she asks furrowing her brows. "Huh? Oh no I'm sorry. What did you say?" I reply turning to her. "I said that you should take your things to your room instead of leaving them in the door way." she says raising an eyebrow. I nod and walk past her to pick up my things. I look to the stairs and I walk cautiously to the top, turning to the right and opening my room door. I step in and smile slightly seeing that the walls are my favorite color: purple. I walk over to my bed and set my stuff on the floor before I flop on my bed, being we already put the big things in the house already. I sigh softly and pull out my phone. I open it to see a message from an unknown number. I frown slightly and open the message. My gaze falls to the bottom of my phone where there is a picture of this girl in a hospital bed covered in bruises. I my eyes widen suddenly as I realize that the girl was me from last year. I start to panic as in the picture, the lights are off and I am sleeping, so that could only mean that the person taking the picture was there when nobody was allowed. My breath hitches as I read the caption of the picture.

UNKNOWN: Hey baby, remember me? Good bitch.

I quickly toss my phone to the floor as a tear falls from my eye. I flutter my eyes closed and lay back slowly against the pillow as I try to forget what I had just seen, my body heaving from my crying.God it hurt to think about it. As the minutes go by, I doze off, tears drying on my face and my body slowing its convulsing.

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