Nicole, the event coordinator at the Pepsi Center in Denver, Colorado, has a unique opportunity with the boys of One Direction. Will she be professional? or throw everything away?


2. Chapter Two

We started talking about who should open, Olly Murs and Ed Sheeran or maybe a newer younger British band, were some ideas. Harry and Liam preferred “new blood” as they called it, but the others wouldn’t budge on bringing Olly and Ed in on the concert, simply because they both helped the boys get to where they were. After many arguments, both Harry and Liam voted for Olly and Ed. The boys decided that they wanted to call the concert “Reunited: The Band One Direction”. Later we decided the set list, and many other major decisions, most importantly the date, July 23.

“Ok, well I think that we have done a wonderful job so far today, would you boys want to continue tomorrow at my place? I don’t live that far from here, and it’s more comfortable than here.” I looked at each member trying to read their facial expressions, but I couldn’t, they all had such great poker faces, well except Niall, he just looked like he was starving.

“That sounds wonderful,” Louis breaks the silence, and the others quickly agree. We all stood up and headed for the door, and Niall approached me and said, “Would you be able to give me that tour now? I would love to see the place!”

“Well of course! Let me just get my jacket really quick.”

“Perfect!” he said with a smile on his face.

I walked into the small room where I had put my jacket earlier, and checked my breath and hair in the mirror, I mean, you never know right? As I turned around to leave the room, my shirt caught on something and when I turned to fix it, I saw Harry holding onto my shirt, his face inches from mine. I could feel his sweet breath, but, I couldn’t help but think what the hell are you doing in this closet, but all I said was “ummm… hey Harry, what are you doing in here?”

“Well I thought we could grab a coffee or something?”

“In the closet?” I looked at him hoping he got my humor.

“Well…. I meant like somewhere else, but I knew you would come in here eventually… I want to get to know you more, you seem like a lovely person.” I looked at my toes and smiled, almost letting a giggle escape from my mouth.

“Harry, I would love to get to know you too, but I am giving Niall a tour right now. I guess if you want to come too, I wouldn’t mind, then afterwards we could grab some coffee.” I said looking into his eyes.

“That would be fantastic.” Harry smiled and let go of my shirt.

We walk out of the closet, and see Niall on the phone; he looks upset and rather angry. I have never seen him like this, Harry probably read my confusion and whispered in my ear that Niall has a really bad temper when something sets him off, he just goes, but it doesn’t happen very often, so when it does, its bad.  I walked slowly as I approached Niall, and when he realized that I was walking towards him, I smiled and waved slightly. He smiled, and started saying goodbye to whoever was on the phone.

“Hey, so sorry about that, so where do we start the tour?” he said smoothly. I was impressed by his way of brushing things off like they didn’t matter right then.

I looked at him with a smile that was almost forced as I said, “Right here!”

“Awesome, Harry, are you coming along?”  Niall asked as he furrowed his brows.

“Only if it is alright with you Niall.”

“Well, I don’t mind in the least. How have you been lately Harry? It seems like it has been years and years.” He said as he put an arm around Harrys’ shoulder and started following me down the hallway.

“Niall, it has been years, and I have been really well, I recently landed a recording contract with our old place… Syco. They want to make me famous again so we are in the process of writing songs for me to sing on my debut album. What happened to you buddy?”

Nialls’ eyes lit up at the wonder of Harrys’ life, you could tell he felt his life after One Direction was dim in comparison as he said, “Well, I have really just tried to settle down, I have played a few gigs in Ireland at small venues, I have written a few songs, but really I fell in love with an amazing girl who I married last year, she is my princess.” Niall smiled, but it wasn’t the usual Niall smile, it was different, and both Harry and I picked up on it.

 Niall had tried to stay out of the media after the band broke up, he wanted a normal life, he wanted to build a family. Surprisingly, they left him alone to live his life how he wished. No one had known that he had married anyone, or even that he was dating anyone.

 A moment passed, and I saw a tear form in Nialls’ eye. “Niall, is everything ok?”

He just looked at his feet, and began to let the tears roll down his face. I ran over to him and hugged him tight. He placed his face on my shoulder while I hugged him and Harry rubbed his back. We stayed like that for a few minutes before Niall broke the silence saying, “She crashed.”

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