Nicole, the event coordinator at the Pepsi Center in Denver, Colorado, has a unique opportunity with the boys of One Direction. Will she be professional? or throw everything away?


1. Chapter One

The sun streamed through my windows and warmed my cheeks. I could feel the warmth grow as I lie there resisting my growling stomach. I rolled onto my side and looked towards my alarm clock. I threw my covers off and jumped out of bed as fast as I could when I saw the time, 11:27. I haven’t slept in this late since I was a kid, but I am 24 now. I have a job now, and I was going to be late to my 12:30 meeting. For my job, if you call it a job, I book the acts that perform at the Pepsi Center in Denver, and we are in the process of getting the British boy band One Direction back together. It has been almost five years since they broke up the band.

Back when they first came out I was a huge fan, I could barely stand the excitement when I got two tickets to their concert in Dallas, in the fourth row no less, and again when I bought tickets to their concert in Denver in 2013. I guess you could say I was obsessed with them, my room had every poster of them imaginable, I was a Directioner through and through. The band broke up after Zayn and Madeline, a girl he had met after him and Perrie split up, got married. Zayn just wanted to spend time with his new family, which was understandable.  I was heartbroken.

                I had heard rumors years later that the band wanted to get together again and have their first show as the “new” One Direction, and as soon as I got wind of it, I contacted their former producing company Syco and got the ball rolling on having their reunion concert in Denver. Everyone at the Pepsi Center was on board, and the former members of One Direction were thrilled to reunite. I had talked to Louis briefly and Zayn for a few minutes to discuss travel plans to Denver to schedule everything, including their set list, which was going to be interesting. Harry, Niall and Liam had emailed me about meeting, and we all decided to meet today at 12:30 outside the Pepsi Center. I jumped in the shower, and as I reached for the soap, I heard my phone ring. I poked my head out of the curtain and reach for my phone, look at the caller ID and see that Harry is calling me. I reach to turn off the water and answer.


“Hi love, is this Nicole?”

“Yes, hello Harry. How are you, do you need anything?”

“No I just want to make sure we are still meeting today.”

“Well of course!” I say holding back the excitement as much as possible, “12:30 yes?”

“Yes, that sounds right, I will see you then. And Nicole, are the other lads coming as well?”

“According to the emails, yes.”

“Ok then, thank you Nicole, see you in 50.” He seemed nervous.

“Everything will be alright Harry; don’t worry about it too much. I will see you soon, goodbye.”

                I turned the water back on, and finished my shower, threw on my bright yellow heels, black skinny jeans, and a light cream sweater.  I flipped my hair over, and started drying it, putting a few curls at the bottom. When I finished I looked in the mirror, satisfied with my looks today. I walked out of the bathroom, flipped off the lights, walked into the kitchen, grabbed a banana and started peeling it while I flipped on the television. I had a hard time finding a good channel so I turned it off, and checked Facebook, nothing that interesting so far today. I looked at the clock, noon. It was time to leave for the meeting. I looked in the mirror one last time, picked up the keys to my 2013 Volkswagen, and walked out of my apartment building to my car. It was colder than I expected, but that’s Colorado for you, the weather changes every five minutes I swear. As I pulled up to the Pepsi center, I saw three figures standing outside talking awkwardly. I parked and checked my hair in the rearview mirror, applied exactly three swipes of baby lips, and walked over to the boys.

“Hello, you must be Nicole,” Louis put out his hand and introduced himself.

“Nice to finally meet you Louis.” He looked at me with confused eyes.

“We have only been talking for two weeks, it hasn’t been that ‘finally’.”

“Oh but it has, I was your biggest fan a few years back…” I smiled, looking to the ground embarrassed, and everyone laughed.

“Hello Liam, how are you doing today?” I asked.

“I’m doing alright, but love, it’s cold out here! How do you stand this weather?!”

“You get used to it after a while.”

“Zayn, hi. How is Madeline? And Reagan and Ryan?” he looked surprised that I knew his wifes name, but he didn’t know that Madeline and I used to be best friends, before she married him.

“Madeline is wonderful, and pregnant with another girl, Reagan is just starting the first grade, and Ryan is driving Madeline crazy with his superhero costumes and batman toys everywhere, Liam really rubbed off on him when he visited last summer.” He smiled reminiscing in the memory, but looking at me still confused.

“Well that is great to hear,” I said smiling at Madelines’ success with life, “would you guys like to head inside and wait for Niall and Harry?”

“Yes, please!” all three of them said in unison.

I opened the door, and gave them a quick tour of the first floor, and we briefly chat about how their lives have been since the band broke up. Louis married Eleanor and they are expecting their first. Louis really wants a girl so she looks like Eleanor, but Eleanor has her heart set on a jr. Louis. He said they are getting ready to paint the babys room, they are finding out the gender on Friday. Liam said he is really happy with his life, but he is still looking for that one special girl. He thinks he might have found one, but still isn’t sure if she really loves him for him. I told them about me too, about how I grew up here, and I was a fan since they were put together on the x factor. I told them I am single, and haven’t been in a serious relationship since college with Ryan. He broke my heart after he proposed to me and I found him in bed with another woman the next day. I hadn’t really been ready to share myself with many men since then.

By the time our conversation was over, Harry had sauntered in holding his Bentley keys, slowly pulling his aviators off his perfectly shaped face, his hair blowing in the breeze. He looked at the boys one by one, and then at me and asked “Where in the bloody hell is my Irish man?” Everyone laughed and Louis stuck his hand out to shake Harrys, Harry grabbed it, and pulled Louis into a bear hug and whispered something into his ear. Liam smiled at Harry and hugged him to the side, Zayn just shook his hand, the two of them never really got along after the band broke up. Harry had thought that Zayn was being selfish taking away four other peoples dreams.

 Harry turned to me and smiled, stuck out his hand and speaking rather slowly said, “Its so very nice to meet you, Nicole. You are more beautiful than I could have ever imagined.”

 I blushed, and said, “The pleasure is mine, really.”

No one had noticed that Niall had walked in until he cleared his throat trying to make his presence known. “Oh, hello Niall! How are you?” I asked after I noticed him.

“Hello Nicole? I am doing just fine. I am sorry to be late, but my plane was late.”

“Yes, I’m Nicole, and please don’t worry about it, I was just giving the boys a tour of the place, if you want I can show you around after our meeting.” I said with a slight smile on my face, Niall had always been my favourite, I had the biggest crush on him. For Christmas one year, I got a Niall necklace, PJs, and mini statue, as well as their fragrance. My family thought I was insane for being that obsessed. Oh well. I turned to the rest of the boys and said “are we ready to talk?”

“Of course, love!” they all chimed in unison.

“Wonderful, please follow me this way.” I started walking down the hall with Niall to my right and Harry to my left. I could feel both of their eyes looking at me, and I tried to ignore it, but it was testing me. As soon as we got to the meeting room, Harry swiftly walked to open the door for me.

 “Here we are, please everyone take a seat.”

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