Dog Hybrid

You think being a dog hybrid is SOOO easy. Well think again. What if you had siblings, crazy scientists, and of course the wonderful wonderful knowledge of knowing your smallest sibling would die.
Find out the world of Liam Payne. Starting with the day his whole world came crashing down.

*This is something new and I'm gonna see how we'll this works out.


3. Ch. 2

I was awoken by Louis and Niall jumping on my bed. "What do ya need?" I asked. "Can we have some food?" Louis asked. I nodded and made sure to talk very slowly (Because Louis was deaf) as i said, "What do you 2 want?" "Milk!" The both exclaimed, well Niall tried to anyway. And even though Lou was a dog hybrid, He LOVED milk. I wasn't really sure why though. Anyways i began to walk to the corner to sing to get money. But first got Harry and Zayn up. We went to a particuarly crowded area and sat down. We started to sing 'A Team' By: Ed Sheeran. After that song we had had $10 (A/N: using American currency cuz i only know American). That was enough to get all of us breakfast. I sent Harry and Zayn to get everything, so i could look after Loujis and Niall. But i felt like i was being followed.




OMG IM LIKE GOING TO EXPLODE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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