The Leopard

A demented shifter. A hidden halfling. Brought together by a sick and twisted fate with a sense of humor, Legend, King of the great Leopard Clan has just escaped from a nine year imprisonment and is brought to Valerie, a human that he is sure will break from all the strength he wishes to use on her. Frightened of these sparking passions, Valerie must keep her urges at bay while at the same time protect herself from the striking male that believes she is human. Destined for one another, Legend is a male with a sense of pride that cannot be tarnished by others and Valerie is a female with a quick wit that will surely bring obstacles to the two. Can Legend fight what destiny has clearly had a hand in? Or will Valerie's human beauty and other worldly prowess bring together the fated?


1. Prologue

The leopard crouched lowly as it eyed its prey, a large white tailed deer, it’s summer coat a beautiful red-brown that stood out greatly against the bright green tufts of grass it ate from, delicate ears twitching behind great white antlers, daring any others to try and attack it when it held such a great defense. But something did dare to attack, and it planned to make an easy kill. It quietly slipped through the tall grass, completely hidden although its golden fur stood out far greater than that of the deer’s. Paws pressed firmly against the ground, the leopard bared its fangs before lunging fully at the animal, taking it down before it even had time to react. The deer never knew what hit it. One bite was all it took.

Sinking teeth into skin, the leopard lifted a blood soaked snout to the air, fur standing on end as a growl tore from its chest. Something was near, making its body involuntarily grow weak and dizzy with pleasure while a wave of heat rushed through its body, a howl escaped its chest in response. Blood rushing, body shaking, the leopard pounced on the carcass of the deer, tearing skin from bone once more before it threw its head back and howled, making the woods go silent, as if all sensed the power and royalty that one creature held. A snarl tore from it before it let out a deafening howl. He’d found her.

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