In Another Life

Katie was 11 when she died. She was re born almost instanly. Not before she watched her boyfriend crying at her lifeless bodys side. She is reborn and when she is 11 once again, she looks to find her old boyfriend in another life.


2. She Is Alive?

Louis P.O.V.


I was on twitter scrolling through the comments when I saw one that stood out



Lou, its me. Its Katie. You have to believe me. Follow me so I can send you a private message with my phone number. Forever And Always.


Holy crap. I clicked on here profile picture. She was the exact same as Katie. and that was Katie's twitter handle. But it can't be her, I saw her dead body, cold and lifeless on the floor. I didn't care. I had to know if it was her or not. I clicked follow.


Hi, this is Louis. Katie, is that REALLY you? I sent the message.


Yes, Hi. It really is me. Call me. 231 8893. she sent back.


OK. I called the number. "Hello?" She picked up. "OH MY GOD KATIE IT IS YOU!" I screamed into the phone. "Yes Louis its me." I thought for a second. "Wait, you sound like your still 11, and I saw your dead body. what gives?" I wasn't sure now. "Louis, 1st I am 11. 2nd I was reborn. The moment I died I was born as the same child again to another family. I don't think it was my time yet, and that's why I came back." I smiled, then frowned. "But your 11, and I'm 22. So, what do we do about that?"


Katie's P.O.V.


"Well, when I was 10, I found a piece of paper that said when I kissed my true love, I become my true age." I smiled. "But Katie, I have a girlfriend now. What do we do about that?" My heart shattered. "You, you have a girlfriend? Louis what is wrong with you! We were in love! and you ducking got a NEW girlfriend!" I was crying. "Yes Katie, but I thought you were dead. If I would have known I would have never let Harry get us together." I was still crying. "Fine. Just break-up with her. I live in Toronto, so when you come for your concert there, meet me here" I told him were to meet. "OK. Katie?" He asked. "Yes?" "Forever?" He said. "And Always." I replied with a smile.

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