In Another Life

Katie was 11 when she died. She was re born almost instanly. Not before she watched her boyfriend crying at her lifeless bodys side. She is reborn and when she is 11 once again, she looks to find her old boyfriend in another life.


1. I Left You



I left when I was just 11 years old. I cant beilieve I did that to everyone who loved me! Why was a so stupid! I have to make it up to them! But how? I left and was reborn. It seems imposible. Hi my name is katie. In my last life I was also known as katie. When I died, I was reborn. I remember my past life so well though. No one else remember there last life. Its sometimes hard to live with knowing what happend in your past life. My boyfriend is now 11 years older then me ad is famouse so I will probably never be able to say im sorry, and never be able to say I love you again. I wish I had never died! Since I had a boyfriend when i died in my last life, I will never have a boyfriend in this life. Because, really, Im from another life. And I could only love one person in the whole univers. I love him to death, and his name, is louis, Louis Tomlinson.




I think about her every second of my life. Ever since she left me. She was perfect and she had no clue! I have always thought about her, almost. I pretty much forgot about her when i met eleanor. Every once in a while i would think about her. I loved her more then el, but my katie was dead now. She left. I found her lying cold on the floor. With a note. It said on it: Louis, I will always love you. Im sorry for this. I just cant deal with life anymore. Please tell my mom that I died from cancer. I dont want her to know what really happend. Thank you. Love forever and always-katie

I wish I could hold her again. I wish I had been there so I could have stopped her. None of the boys know about her. My mom didnt even know. I just told her she moved. But every night I would cry, entill I was about 15 or 16, then I would not cry but i would just try to fit in like every other boy. And singing took me away from her forever. "Katie" I wiserd. "Katie if you can hear me, Im sorry."




I thought I heard louis say he was sorry, At the time I knew what I would do. "I will find you louis." With that, I walked into my room to make a plan.

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