The flowers in her hair


3. queen of demons

Paige's POV:

I walked right over to Alex, and said straight to her face, "your clothes are horrific!! Where did you get them? The thrift shop???" I laughed as her face turned bright red. It felt good to be queen. I mean she got what she deserved. I was the prettiest and the most popular! I needed someone that was equal in popularity and gorgeousness! Niall was obviously the only option there was! Niall ran over to me and looked like he wanted to punch me in the face. "What Niall? You look so angry! What did I do boo bear?" I said with a pouty look on my face. "LEAVE PAIGE!! I DON'T LIKE YOU, AND I NEVER WILL LIKE A QUEEN OF DEMONS, LIKE YOURSELF!!!" I ran away with a tear dripping down my face as everyone chanted, PAIGE SUCKS! PAIGE SUCKS! I didn't think he would act like that. I guess he really does like her. I'm gonna give him hell for this. 😡

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