A Distraction

Everyone has a thing, for some people it's the crack head, for others it's the athlete. For Saphire Winston, it's the middle class complicated one. When at a party with friends, Saphire is greeted by the smooth talking player Miles Larc. They hate each other, they are nothing alike. But when Saphire starts to use Miles as a distraction, the two soon find out that there more alike then they thought. soon enough people start to change, but is it for the better or for the worse?


5. Mom?







I sigh. “Well. . . first off, who told you and what did they say?”

“Shelly told me, and you know Shelly, she knows everything when it comes to school gossip. And she told me that she saw you and some unknown guy walking into the janitors closet, when she walked by she said she heard make-out noises. Are you hiding something Winston?”

Great, what do I say to that? I need to figure out something and fast. “Ummm yeah, that was. . . Adam.” Shit, what am I even saying? “And we weren't making-out, we where just talking.”

“Uh-huh, well, I'll let it slide this time.”

“I have to go, I'll pick you up at 8:00 tomorrow,” I say and shut my phone before she can answer. I decide to call Adam and tell him about my lie.

After a few rings he picks up, “Saph?”

“Adam! My man, my main man. . . we're friends right?”

“You need my help with something, don't you?” I can practically see his smirk from the other line.

“. . .maybe”

“Why it couldn't be,” he says, “the famous Saphire Winston need help from her best friend Adam.” My heart sinks a little when he says 'best friend', of course that's all he see's me as.

“Don't get cocky with it, other wise this will be the first and last time,” I laugh at my serious voice.

“Okay, okay. What can I help you with Saphie?”

“There are rumours going around that I went into the janitor closet with some random guy. Hazel got on my case about it. And I may or may not have said that you where that guy. . .”

“So does this mean that Hazel thinks we where getting funky in a closet?

“NO! No, I told Hazel that we where just talking. And who the hell say 'getting funky' anymore Adam?” I laugh, soon he joins.

“Okay so what should we tell people we where talking about?” he asks.

“Ummm. . . if someone brings it up tell them that we where thinking about seeing a movie, if that's alright with you.”

“Yeah, that's good enough. Listen I have to go.”

Before I could say bye he hangs up, ouch. Maybe it's not alright, what if he's mad at me? I hope he's not mad at me, he's made me really happy the past few days.

* * *

When Luna and I first met Hazel and became friends, she was like a ray of sunshine, a colourful rainbow in a stormy sky. She never has anything but a smile on her face so it really scared me when I saw her at my locker the next mourning with puffy eyes and tear streaked cheeks. She sniffled and looked up from the ground when she heard me coming. With concern I ask, “Oh my god Hazel, what's wrong? Who did this?”

“It's about rock band! Bloom lost her voice and has to get surgery!” Bloom is the lead singer in our schools rock band. The rock band is only for seniors and Hazel plays keyboard. She's been wanting to be in the band since she was a freshman. “Mr. Palmer says that because we're three quarters into the year, if we don't find someone who can learn the songs fast, the band has to quit! If the band quits that means that we can't perform at grad or prom!” she starts crying again. I quickly grab her and pull her into a hug. This is a big deal for her, Hazel seems to think that the only thing she's good at is playing keyboard and piano, which is completely idiotic.

“I wish I could help Hazel.”

“Well that's why I'm here. . .” I pull back and look at her. She has the most pleading eyes I have ever seen. Shit.

“Hazel, no.”

Please Saph! Everybody already knows you can sing when you got drunk and did karaoke at that party a few months ago!”

“Yeah, but at least I was drunk! Hazel I'm not good at singing.”

She get's down on her knees and goes in a prayer position. “I don't care if this makes me look like a complete idiot, I'm staying here until you agree!” she says. “SAPHIRE WINSTION PLEASE BE THE NEW LEAD SINGINGER! PLEASE!!!” maybe Hazel doesn't care if she looks stupid, but people are staring, and it makes me uncomfortable.

I sigh, “fine, I'll do it. But you owe me, BIG time,” I say. She smiles and hugs me while saying 'thank you' until it sounds like a strangled cat.

* * *

I doodle little stars in my language notebook while groups present there book assignments to the class, I'm not really paying attention. What does get my attention -and everybody else in the room- is when the assistant principal walks into the room and says something to Mr. Hopins.

The AP looks around the room then says, “Saphire Winston please report to the office in five minutes.” He then turns and leaves the room.

I collect my things and look at Adam, he gives me a look and I just shrug slightly. I walk out of the room towards the office. I get maybe ten feet out the room before I get knocked over and my books and papers fall to the ground. As I regain balance, I look up at my attacker to find Miles. God dammit.

“You should watch where you're going Saphire.” I roll my eyes.

“You ran into me smart-ass,” I snap.

He mutters “feisty, ” and starts picking up my papers from the ground. He stops and looks at one of my books. “Spanish huh? Can you say anything?” he asks handing me my stuff.

“El sonido de su voz me dan ganas de ahorcarme.” He whistles.

“Sexy. What does it mean?” he asks.

“The sound of your voice makes me want to hang myself.” I smirk pushing past him and towards the office again.

I walk into the office and I am greeted by the most annoying secretary on the Earth, she's probably twenty something and shows way too much skin. She's such a whore I wouldn't be surprised if Miles has fucked her. “Hello Saphire,” she smiles at me from her computer.

“Yea hi,” I roll my eyes. “I was called down?”

“Oh right! There's someone here to pick you up early.” She winks at someone I never wanted to see again.


* * *

I woke up Friday mourning not by my usual beep of an alarm but yelling from down in the kitchen, the noise wafting through the vents.

“You think you can just waltz right back in to this family after you where god knows where for years?” my father screams.

“I have come to my senses,” my mom says calmly.

“Yea, probably after a pregnancy scare,” my dad scoffs

“I just want to spend time with MY daughter. Make up for the years I missed.”

“Those were too many year t make up!” my father cries. “You left us in a vulnerable time! Right after our own son died!”

“I apologized for that,” my mother points out.

Dad sighs, “you can see her, but don't get her hopes up.”


“No! This discussion is over!” My dad yells. After is silence.

* * *

I wasn't a virgin when I first had sex with Miles -like I would let that happen- I had a boyfriend. His name was Jake, I thought I loved him. Anyways, I was 14 and he was 17, Jake was Luna's brother. Things were great, but secret, we didn't want Luna to know. Jake took my virginity. After about five months of being together, I was approached by a pretty brunette. She slapped me in the face and called me a bunch of things along the line of: slut, whore, cunt, etc. Turns out that girl was Mia, Jake's real girlfriend. . . for three years!

I got over Jake quickly, I haven't even thought about him till now when Luna ran up to my locker.

As I was heading to my locker after lunch, Luna ran up to me with a happy glee. “Guess what Saph? My brother is coming to town! I haven't seen him almost a year!”

I fake a smile and say, “really? What's he here for?” I try to sound excited, I really do, for Luna's sake

“He finally preposed to Mia after like seven years! Him and my parent's are going to start planning the wedding! Isn't that great?”

“Totally! Tell Jake I'm happy for him, well, if he remembers me.”

* * *

I end up going to Miles' house after school for. . . ya know. . . After our 'moment' I get up and start putting my clothes on and he just lays in bed staring at me with narrowed eye.

“What's wrong?” he asks as I examine myself in the mirror, my lips are swollen and my hair is tangled. I sigh and turn back to him tossing his boxers so he can sit up.

“Nothing's wrong,” I say casually.

“Something's wrong,” he scoffs, I glare at him.

“Like you care.”

“I told you this before Saph, I-have-a-heart-too,” he says.

“Could have fooled me,” I laugh.

“Just tell me!” he whines.

“Fine!” I give up. “Fine! I used to have a boyfriend who was older in grade 8. I found out he was dating someone else for 3 years because his girlfriend confronted me. Now he's back in town.” he raises his eyebrow, “with his fiance. . .” I finish. He lets out a low whistle.

“Ahh. . . that's awkward,” he comments.

“Yeah.” I sigh.

“So, who is he? Maybe I know him.”

“Jake Williams?”

“Oh my god! Him? How did he get you, let alone another girl?” he shrieks.

“Did you ever think that that was the best I could do?”

“But still, Jake Williams?” he starts laughing.

“So much for that 'I-have-a-heart-too' bullshit,” I growl.

“No, Saph I didn't mean-”

“Whatever Miles,” I snap and run out of his house slamming the door.

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