Music Symbols On My Hands

Melody Silver is your ordinary girl. She is 17, go to a normal high school, and has a normal life. Her parents died in a fire accident. She lives with her aunt. Harry Styles is her best friend. He has known her since kindergarten. They go to school together, eat together, play together, and do everything together. But one day Melody found out that she is not a ordinary girl, but the Godess of Music...


1. The Bracelet

Melody's POV

    "Let's go to Accessorize."

    It's Saturday noon. Me and Harry are wandering in the shopping mall. We went inside Accessorize and I saw a beautiful bracelet.

    "Oh oh Harry look at this! It's so beautiful!" I exclaimed. The bracelet was quite plain and simple. It has two charms, one G clef and one F clef.

    "You like it?" Harry asked.

    "Yepppp!" I said, popping the 'p' sound.

    "Well let's buy it," he said while paying the cashier.

    "It's so beautiful!" I said putting the bracelet on.

    "Yes. It makes you even prettier," Harry said.

    "Awww... Thanks Hazza!" I hugged him.

    "What a lovely couple!" said my aunt.

    "No we're just friends!" I protested. But I can see the disappointment in Harry's eyes.

    "Ok ok. Come in you two, it's about to rain outside," Aunty Rowanna said.

    We walked into the big mansion and sat on the leather sofa. Me and Aunty Rowanna lived together. Uncle Jackson used to live with us, but he passed away last summer because of lung cancer. Aunty Rowanna was very sad but I can tell she forgot it already because she is going to marry a scientist this winter.

    My parents died in a fire accident when I was still an infant. We were at a shopping mall buying some clothes for me when it happened. I was saved but the fire did a terrible thing to me. It left two scars on me, a F clef on my left wrist, and a G clef on my right wrist. Whenever people asked me what happened to my wrists, I would lie and tell them they were tattoos. Only Harry knew the truth. Harry knew everything about me. We are best friends. I knew he likes me. I like him too. But I couldn't tell him. That will just ruin our friendship.

    Aunty Rowanna has no children. So she treats me like her own daughter. She acts like a mother. Whenever I feel sad, angry, happy or anything, I will talk to her. She is my aunt, mother, teacher, and best friend. She knew what I need and what I want.

    "You want anything to eat?" asked Aunty Rowanna.

    "Hot choco please," I said.

    "How about you Harry?"

    "Water's fine. Thank you."

    We drank our drinks and talked nonstop telling Aunty Rowanna what we did today. I showed her my bracelet.

    "See! Harry bought me this! Isn't it beautiful?" I asked, hoping for a yes.

    But instead, Aunty Rowanna just frowned.

    "Where do you get this?" she asked worriedly.

    "From Accessorize. Why?"

    She didn't answer.

    "Aunty Rowanna?" I waved my hand in front of her face.

    "Give me your bracelet," she commanded.

    I never disobey Aunty Rowanna. Not even this time.

    I handed her the bracelet and she looked at me.

    "I think it's time to tell you the truth," she said quietly, emotionless.

    "What? What truth?" I was confused.

    I can tell something bad is going to happen.

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