Teenage Secret

Have you ever been so happy, so content with your life you often wonder what you could of possibly done to deserve this joy? Have you ever laughed and smiled for no reason, just because? Have ever been surrounded by so much bliss and exhilaration that you don't know how life could get any better? Have you ever had that ripped away from you in an instant? I have.


3. Junior Year

"Woooooooooo! Turn it up Drake," I said as I leaned over the seat of his trail blazer to kiss him on the cheek. He just laughed.

"Demi, it is 7:30 in the morning," Tazney said from the seat beside me.

"And it is the first day of school, I'm pretty sure blurred lines blaring from the speakers is the last thing we want to hear," my best friend Kate said from the passenger seat.

Out of all my friends Kate and I had always been closest. We've known each other since we were In diapers. Drake is Kate's brother, he is a senior. He's really..cool. He makes me smile. Plus, he fits into our group of friends really well. Sometimes I wonder if anything will ever come out of our friendship. I mean, we're always really flirty with little kisses and hugs here and there. But, neither of us has taken the initiative to push our "friendship" further.

I looked over at Celia, she was asleep, her face was smashed against the window. I leaned over and pressed the button on the door, and the window slowly rolled down. "Hey!" She protested.

"Wakey, wakey, we're two minutes away from school. You guys have no idea how mad I am about our schedule! The only thing we have together is lunch!" I said.

"Don't cry Demi, I know you're going to miss me," Drake said.

"Whatever," I said laughing.

"I told you, you should have not waited so late to get your schedule done," Celia said.

"But we all know she's to lazy for that...and everything else," Tazney added. Everyone laughed, even me. In fact, it was the truth.


I waved goodbye to my friends, only to see them in the hall, before we met again at lunch. What better way to start your day than to start it with chemistry? I slid into my seat three rows back from Mr. Slack's desk. Once the students filled the room, taking their seat he arose to speak.

"All of your work will be very hands on this year. There will be a lot to do, in little time. Therefore you will need a partner. To keep one person from doing all the work, and to prevent goofing off I have chosen those for you," he said that and everyone groaned in unison.

Great, I thought. My eyes scanned the room. There were a few people I knew. Steven Riley from my pre-k soccer team. Taylor Dillon, Tazney's cousin. Zane Dyer, my seventh grade crush...and her...

Dana Hills. She was my best friend right along side Kate up until the beginning of our sophomore year, and then something changed. Her parents moved away, but she stayed back with an aunt. She became distant an offish, soon she stopped speaking to me. Everything about her was altered, her appearance, her attitude, her friends. Not long after she started changing, a group of girl transferred to our school. They were all friends, and now they were Dana's best friends. A lot of people are scared of them. They don't speak to anyone outside of their group, and no one speaks to them. Even some of our teachers avoid them. The atmosphere that lingers among them is freightning.

People don't realize....I knew Dana before this she was so happy, so alive. Maybe they all were? Heck if I know. I do know however..they have a secret. They carry it with them in their body language, in the depths of their stares, in everything they do. It's so obvious their hiding something from the world. But, no one can ever get close enough to discover what...

   "Demi and Dana, you will partners for this semester," Mrs. Slack said unstopping; moving on to the next pair without realizing she had just sentenced me to a semester of death. I didnt realize my mouth was hanging open until Dana slowly slid in the seat next to me. Not saying a word, she just sat there staring forward. I glanced over at her, it is crazy how much she's changed. Her once almond hair, was almost as black as coal, her skin always looked so flushed and her expression was always shaded. This is how the whole group was.. they shared the same constant expression, skin tone, and the only way you could tell them apart was by their hair and facial features. 

                 Considering it was the first day of school, there was not much work to be done. Everyone sat there talking to their partners, except me. She seemed to be there, but her mind was somewhere else. I often think she puts on a dumb act for attention. It infuriates me. I sighed heavily and turned to face her, she did not waiver. 

                            "Hi," I said.

                  She just sat there, and I have never wanted to punch someone so bad in my entire life.


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