Poem 1234 hurts

A story about me my name is tierra and my life poems


3. depression

Im living in depression

Im in fear of the next day

I come home and run away

Lose sight of whats right

Cant tell bad from good

Watch the others have fun

As i am stuck

I just need a break

Someone to catch me

I just need a break someone help me

Its like im stuck in a hole all alone no one to get me as i fall

I tell myself i will get out get out

I tell myself People care

Someone help me

Someone catch me im not alone in world full with hope im not

empty just half full

So god help me

So god help me

So god i will do anything

Get me out

Im a warrior i dont stop till its told

But i cant stand no i cant take this anymore

Stop the sunshine

Stop the faith and all the hope

Beacuse im stuck ooo

I cant do this anymore

Im living in deppresion

All alone with out a hope to carry me on

This now but later i will be great i will have a nice life i can run away i can do anything

Just help me please please please dont give me up now i just cant do this no more i was do sad

Im still sad but igot hope and im glad plz god help me plz god help me plzz i love everything but not how i live soo change plzz change change me

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