Marriage With Harry


1. Marriage With Harry

"Babe can you come in here?", Harry said as he yelled at you from the bathroom.

"Yes babe...", You responded as you got closer to the bathroom.

"Baby do you think I look good in these shorts and this muscle shirt?", Harry said.

"Babe I think you look wonderful in everything you wear.", You responded. Soon you opened the door and you couldn't believe your eyes....

"BABY!!", You said as you opened the door only to find Harry butt naked.


"But babe I couldn't put anything on because I needed your advice. I think I look ugly in this outfit.", Harry said seeming insecure.

"But baby I told you that you look beautiful in everything.", You said just assuring him.

"But baby.....", Harry said with his puppy eyes.

To make him feel more secure you started singing.

"You're insecure,

Don't know what for,

You're turning heads when you walk through the do-o-o-rr.

Don't need make up,

To cover up.

Being the way that you are is e-n-o-o-u-g-h.

Everyone else in the room can see it,

Everyone else but y-o-o-u.

Baby you light up my world like nobody else,

The way that you flip you're hair gets me overwhelmed,

But when you smile at the ground it ain't hard to tell.

You don't know oh oh.

You don't know you're beautiful. Oh oh.

That's what makes you beautiful."

"Aww babe thank you!", Harry says feeling better. "But don't need make up to cover up? Seriously..."

"I didn't have nothing to fill in the words instead. Now babe I understood that you couldn't put a shirt and or pants on but couldn't you at least put some undies on?", You said very curious.

"Well babe I wanted to give you something more than more than just a good morning kiss.", Harry said.

"Oh babe.", You said. "Typical Harry Styles." <3

"And I quote-

My worst habit is getting naked all the time.", You reminded him giggling. "Now get dressed. We need to go shopping."

As soon as Harry got out of the bathroom you noticed that he still didn't have a shirt on. "Harry I thought I told you to get dressed?", You said.

"Yeah babe but I just wanted to remind you that you married me! You're mine babe. I would never want to loose you.", Harry said.

"Awww babe.." /.\ You said blushing.

"Besides I wanted you to see my muscles and to see all my tattoos.", Harry said.

So as soon as Harry finally decided to put a shirt on, you guys were off.

*At the Store*

"Oh we need this, and this, and this..",You said.

"I need, I need,

But that's crazy.

I need, I need,

But that's not me.

I need, I need,

To be loved by you..", Harry said.

"See what I did there?"

You just nod your head and smile.

On your way home you see the gym and say,"Harry, Harry we have to go to the gym. NOW!"

"But babe I don't want to. People will make fun of me. I'm too skinny.",Harry said.

"Well it's a gym isn't it? Workout.",You said. "Come on babe. I'm getting fat!"

"Babe you're perfect. I'm jealous of your body.",Harry said.

After a few minutes he agreed of going.

"Babe before we go in promise me something."

"Ok babe tell me.",You said.

"Pinkie promise me that if some buff guys come and make fun of me you'll stand up for me.",Harry said.

"Ok babe, I promise.",You said.

"But who would make fun of you? You're body's sexy!"

*In the Gym*

"Babe I want to leave. I don't feel comfortable."Harry said.

"Oh Harry, you're a sexy beast. ^.^!",You said. "Who would mess with a hottie? And if they were to mess with you if wouldn't because of your sexy body, it'll be because they jelly of you're a cutie!"

After an hour or so you guys left.

*At Home*

"Harry where are you?",You wondered.

"I'm in the room.",He yelled back.

"Babe what are you doi..?.."You said before you finished your sentence. "Harry...! Really?! Butt naked? AGAIN?..!"

"Well you did say I had a nice body and I was a sexy beast.",He said smiling.

"Well I did say that didn't I.",You said.

"Yeah and instead of you making dinner I wanted to give you a little surprise.",Harry said.

So he grabs you and throws you on the bed. Then, he slowly starts to take your clothes off. His warm body rubs against yours.

After a hour you two just fall asleep and your body is next to Harry's. Your arm around his waist. You feel his warm body right beside you. You start to get cold and Harry notices and he cuddles even more with you.

*Next Morning*

*8:30 am*

*You wake up*

"Oh babe it's 8:30 I need to get up to get right on the house work.",You say springing from his side.

But as soon as you're about to leave Harry grabs you and pulls you tighter next to him. "Baby there's no rush. You don't even have clothes on. I pinkie promise i'll help you but, only if you stay.",Harry said.

You decided to stay in bed.

You put your hand on his chest and soon it was going further down and soon you're hand was on his dick.

"Oh babe don't worry you can keep your hand there... I don't mind.",Harry said.

You feel asleep another hour or so.

At around 10:00 am you are awoken by a knock on the door.

"OMG Harry get up! Somebody knocked! Come on get up! Get dressed!",You said.

You hurry and get dressed.


"I'm coming!",You yelled.


"I'M COMING!",You yelled.

You opened the door only to find that on the other side it was just Louis, Niall, Liam, and no other than Zayn.

"Were sorry if we awoken you. We came to see Harry. Oh and of course you, his beautiful wife.",Niall said.

"Ummm hmm.... Harry's still in bed and he'll be out in a minute. He's just getting dressed. Come in. Can I get you guys anything?",You said.

"No I'm good. Lads?",Niall said.

"No thanks.",said Louis.

"No.",said Liam.

"No I'm good thanks anyways.",Zayn says.

"Ok. Hold on Harry should be coming out any minute now.",You said.

As soon as you said Harry came out but not exactly as you wanted him to.

"WOAH!!",All the lads said at the same time kind of in a shock.

"HARRY EDWARD STYLES!!!",You yelled.

"Ohhh you're getting it now Harry.",Zayn said.


"Babe right after what we did yesterday I doubt we need clothes. You should take yours off.",Harry said.

"Babe...",You said a little mad.

"Besides it's not like the lads have never seen a dick before. I mean they have one too.",Harry says.

"Yes but babe I doubt they want to see yours.",You say.

"You're right that's for your eyes only.",Harry said.

But he didn't go and put clothes on.

Harry and you sat on the couch.

"So lads what you come here for.",Harry asked.

Niall said,"Well you see we need some help with a surprise Louis is preparing for Eleanor. Do you mind helping us?"

"Well I don't see why not.",Harry responded.

You soon start to get really close to Harry and he puts his arm around your shoulder. Everyone of the lads was just staring at you two.

"Woah! Love birds! take it to a room!",Liam said.

You look down and realize that you were grabbing on to Harry's dick again. But this time you had watchers. o_O

"Hehe.... I was eh trying to umm, cover it since obviously Harry has no shame...",You said blushing really bad. "But anyways besides the fact that my babe is grabbing my dick and won't let go, what's the plan?..?",Harry said.

"Well first of all you need to get dressed and then we have to go to the store.",Louis said.

So Harry got up and headed to the bedroom. "And make sure you get dressed this time!!",You yelled at him.

"I will!",He yelled back.

"Hehe... Sorry you had to see that guys.... Harry could sometimes be, oh I don't know.... eh...",You said.

"Immature.?",Zayn said.

"Naughty..?",Louis said.

"A little crazy.??",Niall said.

"We know. Don't worry about it."Liam said.

*In the Car*

"So what's the plan lads?",Harry asked.

"Well for starters we need to get a bunch of roses and rose petals and we're gonna go and find a hotel room where we gonna have a bunch of rose petals everywhere. And then we're gonna have Louis bring her a big bundle of roses.",Liam said.

"Yeah and were gonna need your help to disc tract her.",Louis said.

"Alright then. This shouldn't be hard.",Harry said feeling confident.

"Oh trust me, it will. I think she's on to me about it.",Louis said.

"Eleanor will do anything to try and figure out what's going on."

"Well don't worry cause I got this!",Harry said very confident.

As soon as the lads got into the store they split up and went hunting down for anything that would be romantic. As soon as they found as much as they could carry they came back and payed for it all.

*Back at Home*

"So how'd it go with the plan? What are you doing to help?",You said very curious.

"My job is too.... distract Eleanor....",Harry said.

"But Harry when Eleanor knows about surprises she will try to do anything to figure out what they are, when they're happening and who is doing what! how are you ever gonna distract her for that long?",You said.

"Don't worry babe. I'll just work my magic on her.",He said assuring you.

"Well that magic better not include nuderty, because neither me or Lou would like that.",You said warning him.

"It won't, I pinkie promise.",He said.

So enough Harry were out distracting Eleanor and he did a great job. as soon as Lou called in to tell him that it was time.

So Harry drove Eleanor to the hotel.

To Louis' surprise, it worked.

Nothing went wrong.

"Ok I'm gonna leave you two love birds alone. And I'll give you privacy.",Harry said with a smirk on his face.

*Back at Harry's House*

"So did it work?!",You asked.

"Yup! Just as planned!",Harry responded.

"Well I'm glad Eleanor is happy! But I'm not!",You said a little upset.

"Oh don't worry babe I got a surprise for you too. Come with me to the room.",Harry said with a devilish face.

Once you walked into the bedroom you saw rose petals on the bed in a shape of a heart. They were also all over the floor. In shapes of mini hearts.<3

"Oh babe....!/.\ How sweet...!",You said. "When did you do this?"

As you turned to face Harry you see that he's already butt naked again.

"HARRY!",You yelled.

"What? You said you weren't happy so I want to give you a lot more than you can handle.",Harry said.

"Oh baby...",You said.

"Oh and I came in when you were in the bathroom taking a shower, your body is sexy...",Harry said with a smirk on his face.

"Trust me after I'm done with you,

You won't be able to walk for a month..."

He quickly makes his move and pulls you on the bed and takes you clothes off. So his warm body is next to yours and you feel so warm next to him....



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