Don't Give Up On Me

"Why did she have to do this to me? I thought I would never fall in love with someone and here I am. In love. Heartbroken over a girl who couldn't help but to give on me no matter how many times I asked her Don't Give Up On Me."


1. First Chapter

Diana POV****



I take my seat in university for my first semester and wait for the lesson to start. Looking around I see couples smiling with each other and holding on to one another. Resting my head on my hand I start missing Chris. I hated leaving him but I had to leave him for university and he refused to come with me for a reason I had no idea. Five years we were together and those five years were completely amazing. Well, besides the fact that he wouldn't do anything with me, or take me anywhere, and blow me off to do things with his friends, they were amazing. I love him. He loved me. I believe that we would still be together if there wasn't a wall between us, though. This wall being an ocean. Class starts and I still remain sitting alone in the hall with no one next to me, hell, no one even close to me but that's fine. I mean I'm use to it by now.


"Good evening class. I'm Professor Schmidt and I welcome you to your first class today at-


"Sorry I'm late!" a deep voice calls through the hall and all heads snap to the door, all except mine, that is. I just smile down at my books and look to the Professor.


"Mr. Styles, will you please not be disruptive to my class and take a seat? Its bad enough your late and now you're interrupting? Don't start the year off badly, Mr. Styles." Professor Schmidt scolded 'Mr. Styles' and started her lesson again.


"As I was saying before I was so rudely interrupted,..." I stopped listening as I felt the chair next to my own fill up. Looking over I see who I'm guessing is 'Mr. Styles' and take in his appearance. Dark brown curls, emerald green eyes, black skinny jeans and a black tee-shirt. It wasn't much but he looked completely stunning. I didn't notice until he looked over to me and our eyes locked for a split second that I was staring at him.


"I'm Harry." He says and smiles at me, showing me the dimples that he has on the corners of his mouth.


"I'm Diana" I said with a shy smile and tried to give my attention back to the professor. Unfortunately, that didn't work. A hand was placed on my knee and my eyes widened and darted down to see Harrys hand resting on my knee, him looking at the professor as  if he was paying attention. Swatting his hand away, I hear him chuckle as I cross my legs and try once again to pay attention to the professor.


From how Professor Schmidt was calling Harry by his last name, I'm guessing this isn't his first year at this University or he just got in trouble previously in the day, or week. I don't understand how you could get into a school like this and fool around and not take it seriously. There has to be a point when you start to grow up and mature just even the slightest bit. This thought making me have a slight disgust towards Harry. 


Leaning back in my chair I start to 'zone out' and think of silly things. Fiddling with the ring on my finger and looking down at it I start to get upset with myself. I should've taken it off, its just a reminder of Chris and that's not something I want to do. Chris gave me this ring when he asked me to be his girlfriend. I smile at the thought but frown at the place we are now with our relationship.


"You have a boyfriend?" Harry said taking me out of my thoughts. He sounded a bit annoyed for some reason.


"Had" I corrected him, not looking up from the ring.


"Oh, well that's his loss." he said which made me smile to myself. Did he really just indirectly say I would be a good girlfriend? That's... Weird?


"Thanks" I said looking up to him to see him looking at me. My heart beats faster as we stare at each other and I start to wonder what this boy is thinking as he looks at me so intimately.


"Anytime" he say softly and we snap apart as Professor Schmidt dismisses us. "So, do you want to meet up sometime?" he asks as he scratches the back of his head.


"Umm, yeah. I'd love to." I smile as he does the same. taking a piece of paper and a pen out of my bag I write my number on the paper. "Here, Call me." I said and started to walk away.


"I will. Bye" he says and I felt his eyes on me as I walked out. Maybe he would turn out to be better than I was thinking.





Man, was I wrong.





First Chapter! I hope you like my new story! I have good intentions for it and I hope you all enjoy it as much as I will!!


I wont update until late next week because I am going away to Disney World!! Yay!! But as soon as I get home I will update!!


Please comment and tell me what you all think!!



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