Love and Lyrics

Lyric-Alain is the daughter of music icon Mikkie Right and Jane Olson. Growing up with a rock star father and a composer mother, Lyric ended up getting many talents like her love for writing music. At the age of 17, she is an icon of her own writing songs for major singers and bangs along with writing musical pieces for her mother. Then she hits gold when the manager of One Direction asks for her help witht heir new album. But what will happen when everyone in the band hates the idea of her being these mostly Zayn Malik, the bad boy of the group. What with happen when love mixes with lyrics?


1. We'll Pay You



I raced down the hall of the record company with the papers in my arms flying. My thick glasses were sliding down my face along with my shoes slipping off my feet while I ran. People moved out of my way with scowling looks and muttering words under their breath but I didn't care. I kept running trying to make the meeting on time. I looked at my watch letting out a sigh. I had five minutes to get there with two flights of stairs in my way. I was going to be late.


I pushed the door out in front of me then took the first step. I skipped a few to get up them faster then out another door to run down yet another hallway. People groaned at me, yelling to low down but I kept going. Faster. I needed to go faster up these last steps.


I made it up the last steps and through the door I went. I ran into the conference room where Simon and Paul sat waiting for me. I tossed all my papers on the table and slammed my butt into a seat. I gulped for air feeling like I was slowly dying inside.


I was in shape but I was more of a sprinter of short distances than a long distance runner who needed to keep their pace. Then adding the stairs and people anyone in the best of shape would feel my pain right now.


I pushed my glasses off the tip of my nose with my finger then smiled at Simon and Paul. Paul held a smile on his face but Simon gave me "the look". We all know it. The dead stare with no sense of emotion making you feel like his eyes were stabbing at your soul. It was a look to this day I still wasn't use to.


"It's nice of you to join us Miss Olsen." Simon said.


I took my moms last name instead of my fathers. He left my mom when I was ten and when she changed her last name, I changed with her. My father may of been on of the most powerful men in Hollywood who made efforts to see his other kids, my half siblings, but never me. I was "too much like him" to get a phone call every once in awhile. Who knows. But I took my moms last name and that was the end of it.


"Hello Simon. Or should I say dad?" I said fixing my messy bun.


Simon and my mom, Jane, got married last year. Meaning we live in the same house. Together. All three of us. Lemme tell you, its a joy. Not.


"That's okay. Simon is fine. We are here to make you an offer." He said like he normally does in his "charming" tone that my mother was sooo in love with.


Paul cleared his throat, leaning his elbows onto the table, "You know the hit British band, correct?"


"The Wanted?" I asked getting a little excited.


Paul coughed a little, "Not exactly. I was referring to One Direction."


I nodded slowly. I wasn't excited anymore. Sure, I thought some of the music One Direction sang was pretty good but compared to The Wanted, they were like the baby British group. The Wanted was more.. They were more.. I guess what I am trying to say is that hold this more of an older, hotter image while One Direction was like a baby. They were cute but they would never last in the long run if they different grow with the music. It was the problem with most boy bands.


"What about them?" I asked.


Simon chimed in, "You are one of the top song writers in the world..."


"Thee top song writer according to Hollywood Records this morning." Paul cut in.


Simon shot him a look then went on, "One Directions image is falling. Their songs aren't connecting to anyone anymore. We need to build up their music, their songs, and their lyrics. We want you to spend time with the boys: touring, writing, living, and being with them 24/7. You need to write their new album."


I stared at them chewing on what he was saying. Building One Directions music up. My lyrics being sung by them. Do I really want that?


"No disrespect, Simon, but you have turned my world upside down from day one. You moved me from my home town in Cali to England, you married my mom, and now you want me to write some bands CD who's never going to make it in the long run? No thank you." I stood up to leave but his "charming" voice cut through me.


"We'll pay you."


I sat back down with a smile on my face, "How much are we talking?" As much as I didn't want to do this. Writing music was my life and money came along with it. The deal I made with Simon before I moved out here is if I made enough money to move out and live on my own, he would let me go. This could be the break I need.


Simon smiled, "Go get the band."

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