Lab Rat

(this is by my cousin, so I hope you like it)
It's year 3001, Angeline's father is a mad scientist,His main experiment as of now is to figure out why immortals are well.... immortal. Little does her father know that Angeline herself is an immortal. She wants to free them but is scared of the consequences.


1. Chapter 1

    Angeline's p.o.v.         


UGH, I hear the screams coming from the basement knowing my dad is working on his latest experiment. "I cant get to sleep I wonder what he's even working on anyway but I wish he'd give it up". So I went  to see what was up I put my ear to the cold basement door I heard my dad say " I will now start to extract your  ability.NO, he's extracting from immortals but that means ME to {by the way I'm an immortal} 

                *two hour's later*

Now my dad has gone to bed I made my way to the basement I slowly creep down  the stair's  I stepped on a nail, "Damnit!!" I yelled, but quickly covered my mouth.I peeked around the corner I seen about 50 cages with immortals they were saying" HELP ME " I walked over to my dad's desk. Suddenly I heard my dad coming down the stairs,I went to the closet with the lab coats or at least I thought but instead it was gross food like mold,luckily he only came to get his glasses. I walked up and down the path way at the end there were big doors that's were the screaming was coming from I got to scared and ran back to my room.

                       *in the morning*

I ran down stair's to eat but then heard a knock on the door  it was Neaveh she wanted to go to the mall I said " Don't you care to call me ","no "she said sarcastically. " Check your phone "...." Oh ".But yes I ran to get my money lets go little did I know Nick would be there,so we went to so many stores,I was dizzy. Afterwards I went back home annnnd my parents where gone. So I went to the basement,dashed to the end of the path and OPENED THE BIG DOORS..........?

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