Letters to Grandfather

A semi-autobiographical story. Sarah Phillips's grandfather has just passed away. She copes with the loss by writing in a diary like she is writing to him.


21. 8 November 2013

I called the Stagecoach Lost Property Office after I finished writing to you, and gave them a description of my iPod.  They did have one fitting the description I gave them so I drove up to retrieve it.  Thankfully it was my iPod.  To be honest, I was half expecting never to see it again so I was very happy.
I asked if the person who left the phone had left a name or a phone number where I could contact him or her and thank them, but unfortunately they hadn’t.  Mum agreed with me that if they had we would have given them a small token of appreciation.
I have to admit that even though they said they had a “similar iPod”, I was still worried to point that I could barely concentrate in class today.
Pathetic, isn’t it?  I’m so dependent on a piece of technology that I can barely function without it.
Anyway, before I forget, I submitted my drafts today.  I’ll probably have to edit what I’ve written a bit but I’m hoping to get some good comments on them.  But more than that, I would like to get some constructive criticism, which I’m more than certain that Professor Peterson will give.



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