Letters to Grandfather

A semi-autobiographical story. Sarah Phillips's grandfather has just passed away. She copes with the loss by writing in a diary like she is writing to him.


17. 31 October 2013

Dear Grandad,
Halloween.  It’s seven o’clock right now, and already door’s been knocked on twice.  We’ve turned off the lights at the front of the house so the trick-or-treaters will think that nobody’s at home.  My room’s at the back of the house, so it’s okay for me to have my main light on.  Mum’s in the dining room reading a book on her Kindle, while Dad’s…actually, I’m not sure what Dad’s doing.
By the way, the Halloween competition I entered closes at midnight.  I’ll know within the next few days if I’ve won or not.
I’ll be lighting a candle later tonight for you.  It’s a church-style candle I bought from the local garden centre; the thick kind that sort of hollows out as the wax burns.  I’ve always liked candles like that.  There’s something…solemn about them, which I think suits the occasion.  I’ll be reading it aloud later tonight by the light of the candle.
If you’re reading this over my shoulder like I sometimes imagine you to be, I hope you like the poem I've written.  I’m calling this poem, Alone.


So many things left unsaid,
Where did all the time go?
I call and search for you
but I can never find or hear you

My memories are fading
like an old photograph,
Images ghosting at the edge of my mind
and linger in my eyes like a dream

All dreams must end
but how can I say goodbye?
Moonlight falls on an old chair in the corner,
Reminding me of what I’ve lost.

There’s a veil over my eyes,
Give me the strength to let you go.
Autumn has passed and winter’s come,
Wish you could have stayed forever.


I hope you’ll be able to hear it, wherever you are.
And before I forget, Professor Petersen okayed my synopsis on Monday, so I get to write my Daddy Long Legs rewrite.  I hope I can write as good a story as the original.  I’m going to do what Cate Tiernan did for her Wicca series.  Each chapter is going to begin with a diary entry.  Either from the original character or someone in her life.  I won’t say anything else about it, as, like with my story for the Halloween competition, I don’t want to burn out my enthusiasm for it.  But I will keep you informed about how far I get in writing, how many chapters I’ve written and so on.



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