Letters to Grandfather

A semi-autobiographical story. Sarah Phillips's grandfather has just passed away. She copes with the loss by writing in a diary like she is writing to him.


6. 28 September 2013


Sometimes I feel so alone.

I’m almost 23 years old and I’ve never been kissed.  I’ve never been in a serious relationship, or any kind of relationship.

I know what you’d say to that; “Just work hard and enjoy yourself.  Don’t worry about finding yourself a boy.  It’ll fall into your lap when you least expect it.”

I’ve heard that piece of advice from others as well, but I still can’t help wondering and worrying when I’ll have a boyfriend.  But then I get scared of the thought of opening up to someone, only to have them laugh at me.

I’m not making much sense, am I, Grandad?


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