Letters to Grandfather

A semi-autobiographical story. Sarah Phillips's grandfather has just passed away. She copes with the loss by writing in a diary like she is writing to him.


15. 25 October 2013


Handed in my synopsis this morning; I hope Professor Petersen will give me the go ahead.  I’m actually looking forward to writing it if and when she does approve it; she said she had a quick look at it during our free-writing session, and is looking forward to reading it in depth.

After class I drove up to Granny’s, stopping at Banbury to buy the groceries that Mum didn’t buy on Tuesday.  Because of that I didn’t have to buy a lot.  I did buy some microwaveable meals like I intended for when she can’t be bothered to cook for herself.  I found some nice sounding things dishes.  Granny also liked the sound of them.  I was very glad to see she was doing better.  We had a nice tea.  We didn’t have any cake like we usually do, but it was nice to sit down with her and talk.

Sometimes I felt like you were just upstairs in bed or on your computer working on something or other.  I actually had to stop myself from asking where you were several times; I didn’t want to upset Granny.

She said she’ll do what she always did when you were alive.  A bottle of wine with a nice home-cooked meal for two.  As much as I think that’s a waste of good food I also think that people need the comfort.  They need to feel like their loved one is still with them, even when they can’t see their loved one anymore.

At the end of my visit, Granny wanted to pay me back for buying her groceries but I insisted that she not.  She tried to wrangle with me, but I managed to win that argument.

I decided to start driving home at about five o’clock.  I didn’t want to stay too long as I could see that even though she was enjoying my visit, Granny was getting very tired.   I have to admit, I was getting tired myself; all the more reason for me to start heading home.  I got in at about half past six, just in time for dinner. 

I’m really too tired to write anything else, so I’ll just stop there and continue either tomorrow or the day after.


Good night,


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