Melanie Script.
How could anyone forget my name? Not after what I did to an enitre fandom.
At the age of 19, I met Niall Horan. We didn't know where we were going, but we were glowing.


1. First glimpse.

Chapter One.


'Pick up your tricks and start running'

I was running. Running from the things that scared me the most. My whole life i had been trying to gain the courage to do it, and i finally did. Somewhere far behind me, was my family. Although I didn't approve of that title for the group of misfits. People love there families, but mine was never a family. They ignored me until they needed me. Who was i to be used like that? I don't need there help, i'm okay by myself. That's what i told myself anyways. But i know that deep down, everybody needs somebody. I was in London airport, planning to leave the country and everything i'd ever known behind. I had just enough money to fly me to Australia and once i got there, i planned on staying with a friend. She had moved there a year ago, and after i told her i was coming, she was ecstatic. What i was not planning on was how crowded the airport would be. There were thousands of girls there, screaming. And that's when i saw them. My first glimpse of the five boys that would chnage my life, but more importantly, the one boy who would give me hope, and make me belive that everything really will be alright..


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