When The Dead Walked The Earth

Astrid, she's only 15. And she is suddenly dragged into a apocalyptic world...A world of ZOMBIES. Her main goal is to find her family, but it all goes pear shaped when she encounters the un-dead and is forced to join forces with a person she resents the most. This was the day when the dead walked the Earth. Can she trust anyone now the end of the world is near?


1. Finding A Place To Call Home.

‘YOU ASSHOLE!’ Jack said. ‘You just shot the leader of the group! And they are probably gonna TURN in a few minutes thanks to you! Over a little spat! You shot him cause’ he didn’t AGREE WITH YOU?!’ Jack shouted in the girls face.
‘He…he provoked me..’
Peter rolled his eyes. ‘Everyone has been in the same boat a you, I mean, if I argue with someone I’m not gonna pulverise them with my machete because I’m not winning, fuck sake Lilly!’
Lilly looked at the ground. The dead body twitched. ‘It’s re-animating…’ Another girl said grimly. ‘We need to stay quiet and back off slowly.. Before it eats us.’
‘Good idea, Jess.’ Peter nodded. And everyone backed off slowly as the zombie slowly re-animated.

Suddenly…THUMP! Everyone turned around. Lilly had been grabbed by the zombie. ‘Shit. Now what?!’ Jack sighed. ‘Shall we leave her?’
‘No..we can’t she’s still part of the group. Nobody gets left behind.’ Jess said.
Lilly started swearing blindly, kicking and thrashing about. ‘Lilly! Shut up! We’ll think of something!’ Peter spat.
The zombie groaned loudly trying to get a firm grip on Lilly’s ankle. Nobody noticed Lilly and the zombie now, they were all arguing about how to save Lilly. Nobody. Nobody noticed Lilly being devoured by that…thing. Her guts flailing about everywhere. Her blood curdling screams weren’t heard. Everybody was shouting too much.


Shouting attracts them. Shouting gets you killed. ‘So..we all agree? Smash open its head so it doesn’t zombie up Lilly?’ Jess smiled, spinning the hammer in her hand. ‘Okay Lilly?’ Jess said. Silence. A groan. Lilly reanimated.
‘Come on…lets go.’ Peter said grimly as the zombie Lilly’s eyes glared at the group. Empty, lifeless.
‘We can’t escape guys.’ Jack stammered, pointing the circle of zombies around them.
'No…oh no! OH GOD NO!' Jess screamed bloody murder. 'We are DONE FOR!'
Jess, Peter and Jack linked together, backing up slowly into the middle of the circle of ambushing zombies. ‘Guys…it’s been fun, being with you all.’ Peter wiped his tears away. Jack and Jess nodded. ‘I love you guys.’ Jack smiled.
‘Oh god jack! Stop being so gay!’ Jess giggled nervously. The zombies were now close enough to grab the trio. And all you could hear for miles was the horrifying screams of Jack, Peter and Jess as their flesh was being torn apart. And with that, another group lost to the zombies, and more people’s lives were to end. At the hands of the zombie apocalypse.
Part 1: On the run. Finding a place to call home.

Astrid looked out of the window helplessly. High school was boring. It was that time where you finished all your tests and now the next 2 weeks are full of pointless crap you don’t need to learn about. Science was the last subject. She honestly thought of walking out, but she’s never done that. The boy before walked out, they never got along, Astrid and Jacob always got into fights. Fist related. Bloody noses. That kind of junk.
Astrid looked around the class. A boy named Jake beckoned her over.
‘Hey! Hey Astrid! Look out of the window. Why are that school out so early?’ He whispered. Astrid rolled her eyes and went over to Jake. They both peered out of the window. It seemed the students were running away from something.
“I don’t know. M-Maybe there’s a fire or something.” Astrid suggested.
“N-not likely. What the fuck is that outside our class?!” Jake stammered. An un-earthly figure dragged itself to the open door. Everyone gasped. “And who are you?” The teacher stood her ground. It growled back at her. The teacher backed up. The thing suddenly launched at her. Trying to launch at her flesh.

Nobody helped her. They all sat there. Speechless, their eyes wide as saucers. Astrid and Jake held hands for just a second. “Wait.” Jake whispered. “Astrid. You have a bat in your bag, right? For baseball club?”
“Y-yeah…your point is?”

“Hit that thing in the head! It’s what they do in all the zombie films!” Jake said a bit too loudly.”I’m assuming they’re zombies then…” Astrid mumbled. The thing groaned and looked up. Everyone looked at Jake in utter disgust. The zombie sauntered off towards Jake.
“Astrid. The baseball bat would be a nice thing to get out now!”
Astrid nodded quickly and grabbed the bat which poked out of her bag. For a moment, she stared at the undead being. Where are you meant hit? “HURRY UP!” Another person shouted. “MISS IS WAKING UP!”


From watching things like the walking dead and World War Z everybody understood a zombie bite meant you come back as one. Astrid took one deep breath as she stood in batters stance. Just think of the head as a ball. That's it, yeah. Hit the baseball, she thought. Astrid tried at a full blown swing, the things head cracked open, oozing red and lumpy things out onto the floor as it fell to the ground. Then at that split second everyone ran out of the classroom, eyes in shock, unable to think what to do, so they just run.

Astrid looked at Jake. Jake looked at Astrid. He ran to her and embraced her. "I've got to go, need to find my little sister, she's only eight."
"Mmn, okay. Strange, isn't it?  Never really been friends but here we are, hugging like we've been best buds since nursery...Well, I need to find my famiy, I have younger siblings too." Astrid said, her voice slightly hoarse. Jake let go of Astrid. "I will find you, if I survive that is. We'll make or join people, as group, grouping together will help you survive. Remember that Astrid!"

Astrid nodded and smiled. "I-I will Jake..Good luck." Astrid waved goodbye and went an opposite way to Jake. There were many people around school, screaming and pushing their way through the cramped corridors. Blood was already standing the pristine floors. It was horrifying. There were dead bodies on the floor, ready to walk the Earth again. But how? None of this was logical to Astrid, okay she didn't pay that much attention in biology but becoming the un dead wasn't part of the deal.

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