What a dog can do

Jenny Smith, a 16 year old girl who lives in London want's to be a dog trainer. Her dream comes true when she meets the boys of one direction.


9. what's next?

I woke up the next morning still thinking about Harry. I even dreamed about him. i never dreamed about him or another boy before. Why did I dream about Harry? I was really confused. I didn't care that I dreamed about him for clarity I was just wondering why now why on this moment?

I got dressed and went downstairs. Harry Liam and Niall were already there and of course Niall was eating. "Good morning" "Why are you so happy?" Liam asked me. "I just slept well not more" I smiled at him. Loki came to me and stared at me. He already knows that I was the one who let him out in the morning. " Gonna take a walk with Loki I guess, see ya" " Wait I come with you, need my exercises you know" Harry said winking at me. "alright but hurry, dogs don't like waiting" I said joking around. I got the leash and putted my shoes on. I was just gonna open the door when Harry came in the hall. We went outside and started to walk. " So" Harry started the conversation " Last night was fun" " yeah it was we should do it again sometime." " yeah we should". The awkward silence came back." can we just talk about last night before it gets more awkward then it already is ?" Harry asked. "Yeah of course" " well can it be that there somehow came a sparkle between us or was it just me?" he asked kind of nervous. " No, I thought so to" i started to blush. " Ow good...." where is Loki? OMG I can't believe I lost him, Liam is gonna kill me" " easy Loki is right there" "oh" I said embarrassed. "Let's go get him" Harry said smiling. we went to get Loki and went back home.

When we got home I saw Zayn sitting eating his breakfast. “ you’re early ?“ I asked“ Good morning to you to , you are in a good mood?” Zayn replied. “ I’m always in a good mood”. Harry came from the hall and Perrie came from the kitchen. “ ooh, I see why” we said together and started laughing.

“ Hi I’m Perrie” “ Hi I’m Jenny” “ Oh you’re the dog trainer, I heard a lot about you especially from Harry” Perrie said and she whispered “ I think he likes you “ I started to laugh “ oh really?” we looked at Harry, who had no idea. “ What?” he asked when he noticed us looking at him. “ nothing “ I said smiling. Perrie and Zayn left when Louis came downstairs and grabbed something to eat. “ We also have to leave Harry, have a lovely day Jenny” he said while he gave me a hug. And so here a was alone.

I decided to train Loki a bit so I could see what he already could do. After that we went for a long walk so he could relax and play. When we got back at the house Loki was tired so he went to sleep and I decided to watch a movie and play a bit guitar on Niall’s guitar. When Niall got home he learned me a bit and then the rest of the boys came home. “ Where’s Loki? “ Liam asked when he came in. “ he’s upstairs sleeping , he had a busy day” I said joking. “ oh, so what did you guys do then?” he asked smiling. “ I just saw what he already could do and then we went for a long walk so he could relax and play. “ alright” he said happily. The rest of the day we just relax a bit. Everybody was tired so it was quit in the house. After seeing 2 movies everybody went to bed.


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