What a dog can do

Jenny Smith, a 16 year old girl who lives in London want's to be a dog trainer. Her dream comes true when she meets the boys of one direction.


6. Meeting Loki

Today's the day that i'm gonna meet Loki. He's staying with Danielle right now. we got of the plain and of course there are a lot of paps. We got in the car and went to Danielle's house. She wasn't home so we just waited till she got back. " Ow you guys are here already, Did you had to wait long?" She asked surprised. " I thought you guys were coming in the afternoon, i'm sorry guys." "It's okay we just arrived here" Liam answered. We got inside. " I think Loki is sleeping in the bedroom." Danielle said when we came in. We sat down and Danielle asked us what we wanted to drink and goes to the kitchen. I followed her. " Can i help you with something?" i asked. " yeah sure if you want. So your gonna look after Loki?" " Yeah, i'm looking forward to it" "Well then we are gonna see each other very often. You know that he's with me in the weekends right?" "Yeah" " if you want we can hang sometime you look like a nice girl" "yeah sure i would love that" i said smiling. I actually didn't expect that she would hang out with me, i mean look at me i'm not like she is, She's beautiful, she dresses fancy and stuff i'm just the opposite of her. We walked back to the boys and talked for a while. "Maybe we should go check on Loki so you could meet him" Liam says suddenly. "Yeah sure". Liam and i went upstairs and found Loki in Danielle's bedroom. He's so cute. " Can i ask you something?" i ask to Liam. " yeah sure" " Isn't it weird between you and Danielle?" "Well.... " "Sorry it's rude to ask" " No it isn't, it's fine. For me it's not actually weird, we are still good friends so, but i don't know if it's the same with her". Loki woke up and we went downstairs. " I think we should go now we have a lot of work tomorrow" Liam says and we all said Danielle goodnight. 

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