What a dog can do

Jenny Smith, a 16 year old girl who lives in London want's to be a dog trainer. Her dream comes true when she meets the boys of one direction.


5. Leaving

My phone rang. A message from Harry:

Good morning sunshine, we leave tonight at 8 a clock, be sure you packed everything you wont be home for a long time. 

Harry =)

i went downstairs and told my mom that i had to leave tonight. She had tears in her eyes. "Mom? are you gonna be okay?" "of course i'm gonna be okay, just gonna miss you." " gonna miss you to mom" i said with tears in my eyes and gave my mom a big hug. " c'mon sweety we have to pack your bags" I went upstairs while my mom was searching for the suitcase. When she came upstairs we started packing.

"You wanna go eat somewhere?" my mom asked when we were done. "yeah sure" "Ask the boys if the wanna come with us so i can at least get to know them a little before i set you away with them." i started to smile. "yeah sure i'll ask". 
"hey, harry, my mom and i gonna eat something in town. Do you and the boys wanna come with us?" 

"Yeah sure we'll come and pick you guys up" 

We went outside and got in the car. we went to a very good restaurant, i sat right over harry next to my mom. i say harry looking to me almost the whole time. my mom also say it but she didn't like it. "can you come with me to the toilet sweety?" my mom whispers to me. "Okay" i said with a worried voice. "I saw harry staring at you almost the whole time and i didn't like that." "Okay,...." " you can do what you want but i just want you to be careful, i don't want you to get hurt, Okay." " So, if we would date, i'm not saying that we are gonna do that, but if we are .. you don't mind?" " I'm not gonna like that but you can yeah" " I will be careful mom, if that's gonna happen, but i don't know i don't think he wants to date me." " well i think so, i can see the look in his eyes, he likes you." my mom said smiling. we went back to the boys and went outside. We all went to our house and went inside to get my stuff. i said goodbye to my mom and left to the airport. 

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