What a dog can do

Jenny Smith, a 16 year old girl who lives in London want's to be a dog trainer. Her dream comes true when she meets the boys of one direction.


8. is this a real date?

someone rang the bell. i got up and ran to the door. "Hey", it was Harry,"forgot the key again?" i said laughing "it's not funny" " haha it actually is. What movie did you brought with you?" " curios?" "yeah, kind of" "well it's a surprise.... can you get the drinks and stuff? then i make the rest ready so we can watch it" " alright" i hesitated but went to the kitchen. when i got back in the living room everything was different. Harry already sat on the couch. we got our drinks and our bowl with popcorn. "so? what is it?" "just watch, a little bird told me you love this movie" "alright" i started to smile. The movie began..... it was raise your voice " Omg I do love this movie" "Good, i actually never saw it..." "really? never? it's actually i really good movie" "well let's watch it then" he smiled really cute to me. 

the movie went to the part Terri and Jay were on the roof and kissed for the first time. i didn't even notice but I putted my head on Harry's shoulder. not long after that Harry's bowl wit popcorn was empty so we shared mine and accidentally our hands touched and we both pulled our hands back. I could see harry staring at me so I looked back and we both started to blush a bit. We continued the movie but i couldn't keep my attention to the movie i couldn't get Harry out of my head. Short after the movie Liam and Niall came home. They went straight to bed, they had a busy day and i decided to go to so i  said goodnight and went to bed. I could sleep yet because i was thinking about what just happened. Was there a spark between me and Harry or was it just me? Am i really crushing on Harry Styles from One Direction? i couldn't believe it. After a while of thinking i finally fell to sleep. 

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