What a dog can do

Jenny Smith, a 16 year old girl who lives in London want's to be a dog trainer. Her dream comes true when she meets the boys of one direction.


4. I can go

 “Speak to me” he answered his phone. “hi, it’s Jenny” “oh hi what’s wrong? you seem upset” “ I just had a fight with my mom” “ Omg are you ok?” “ yeah I’m fine but I just don’t wanna be here right now” I heard harry saying to Louis he needed to turn around “ we are on our way what for me outside were gonna take a walk ok?” “ok” I saw a car stop in front of our house and I climbed out the window. “Hi” I said running to Harry and gave him a hug.” Hey, it’s gonna be ok I promise” I nodded and we went for a walk so I could explain everything. My phone went off a couple of time when we were walking but I just ignored it. We came to the park and just sat there. “you know I have to take you home sometime?” I didn’t answer that. I went to the water and sat there. Harry came to me and sat next to my and putted his arm around me. His phone went off. “what’s up” he answered “you need to get Jenny home her mom called me and she is really worried I didn’t say she was with you but I did said that you would look for her” “ oh ok I will “ he hung up his phone. “ I need to get you home your mom is worried about you” “I go alone I don’t want to get you in trouble” “ no I’m taking you home I said to your mom that I would take care of you and I will I keep my promises” I nodded en we went to my house. Harry rang the bell and my mom opened the door and gave me a big hug. My mom thanked Harry and we went inside. “ where were you? I was really worried” just went for a walk mom” “can you at least tell me next time?” “sure, sorry mom” “ I was lucky that Harry found you” I stared at my mom until she noticed it that I was right about them being responsible. “ maybe I should let you go with them” I looked back at my mom “ really? “I asked. “yes I can’t keep you here but you have to call me every day or at least send 1 message, and you need to listen to them and be really careful ok?” “ of course I will mom thank you so much!!!” I ran outside where the boys were waiting for Niall, who had to go to the bathroom. “ I’m coming with you guys!!!” “ no you’re not your mom would be worried again” Liam said while looking really weird at me. “ No I don’t mean now, I mean I can come with you guys to take care of your dog” “ Really? But your mom said…” “ yeah I know but she changed her mind about it. I just have to let something know 1 time a day and then she’s fine with it.” “GROUP HUGE !! “ Louis shout it when he heart it. We hugged and then the boys went home. 

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