What a dog can do

Jenny Smith, a 16 year old girl who lives in London want's to be a dog trainer. Her dream comes true when she meets the boys of one direction.


10. day off

the week went by fast, I spent the whole week with Loki, and no its saterday so he is with Danielle wright now. I have the whole weekend for myself. the boy have a busy weekend with interviews so they won't be around ..... I'm all alone.. I looked around searching for something to do. I grabbed my laptop and went online.Nobody had time to talk so I had to do something else, but what? I looked through the window and got an idea. Why don't I just explorer the neighborhood.

so I grabbed everything I needed and went outside. I don't know why but people were staring at me, it was kind of creepy.

I found some found a little park so I decided to go in there for a walk. It was really beautiful. there was a lake with ducks and water who came to the side for food. It was really calm in here, everybody was happy, mothers were there with there kids, some people where there with there dogs, some people were just reading a book, enjoying the sun, doing a lunching,...

I walked past the lake following a pad that's was going into the woods.

after 5 minutes I heard people laughing, as I got closer to the laughing I saw a few girls and a boy. I didn't know them so I just walked past them. They started to laugh even more.
" Slut! " one of the girls yelled at me. Then it hit me, I recognized the voice, It was Taylor Moore.
What the hell was she doing here wasn't she suppose to be in London in School.

I turned around when the boy ran to me.

"what do you want? " I asked not so friendly.
" Nothing, I just wanna say that you don't have to listen to Taylor I know she can be a bitch sometimes" the guys said

" And you are? " I asked curious.

" Tyler, Taylor's twin"

" Wait What?? Taylor has a twin?? Since when .. she never told anything about you? "

" yeah well, we may look like each other but I promise you we are not the same, I'm the opposite of here"

" oh well that's a good thing I guess"

" Tyler what are you doing come back here! " Taylor yelled

" well I guess I need to go" Tyler said

" yeah the queen waits"

" yeah ... hey can I see you again sometime, you don't see so bad as Taylor described" 

" yeah sure here's my number"

" thanks, nice to finally meeting you Jenny , Bye" 

" Bye"

I walked further still a bit confused about what just happened. when I got to the end of the park I decided to go back home.

I walked to the front door and tried opening it .. but is was already unlocked.
I turned around but didn't saw any of the cars of the boys yet so it made me worried.

I walked inside. " Is anybody home?" I asked but off course no answer. I heard somebody in the kitchen so I grabbed the first thing I could find and went to the kitchen. I saw a man. when I decided to attack him he turned around ..

" OMG HARRY! what are you doing here, you scared me. "

" The interviews were over so I decided to come back home." he looked confused " It isn't raining why are you holding an umbrella? "

I looked confused at the umbrella and started laughing. " well I thought you were an burglar"

" And you were gonna attack me with that? " he started laughing " well ok"

After Harry and I talked a bit about the interviews and my day, we decided to watch a movie.

After the movie everyone was home and we went to go to sleep.

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