They Are After You

Bridie from Amity and Fawn Candor THINK they are different until they KNOW they are different. The Test don't work and they don't know what to do. They run into a few more people that everyone calls divergent. In their new factions, their new lives they learn to cope and learn how to stand. How to understand the impossible. To learn they are after you.


8. Fawn - Candor - Divergent

I woke up more confused than I was.  The daughtless lady was looking at me with a worried look. "Fawn...something, is not right excuse me.", She said as she walks out of the room. I pull my legs up to my chest. I count to 10.

She walks back in, "Your results were inconclusive." "What? This was supposed to get me out od have to do some-", she cut me off. "Be quiet child. They call it divergent. You have to hide somewhere they can't find you."  

I look down........I'm not going back to Candor, no Amity, I'm not gonna be a stiff, and nothing like Eurdite. That leaves Daughtless, I know what to do know and no one is going to stop me.

I hug the daughtless lady, "Thank You. Whats your name?" I made me feel bad that I never asked. She smiled and said, "My name is Erin. No go child before they ask questions." I smiled and walked out the door and out the front doors.

I have one goal. Daughtless

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